Saturday, June 6, 2009

lakein' it

not much to report that was eventful this weekend at the lake, other than the same ole, same ole. ya know, swimming, ride boat, boys skiing, wake boarding, and the likes while the girls soak up some vitamin D and run our mouths on the front of the boat. but yeah, that pretty much sums it up. but i must say that the weather this weekend felt fabulous while out on the water. strangely enough, it almost felt like there was a hint of autumn in the air. it was cool and crisp, and the humidity felt close to null. we loved it.the mabster did get to help daddy drive the boat. she use to love doing this when she was younger...mommy too considering i didn't have to hold 30+ pounds on my lap for hours. now, she'll get on the boat and say, "i wanna sleep." so i wrap her up in a towel while holding her, and she just passes out. better than chasing her back and forth though. oh, and the last pic is of daddy's hair after being windblown for hours. dead sexy, no? i love a man with helmet hair!oh gosh, and i almost forgot...the lot right beside our family lake house just went on the market and is for sale. it's going for half the price that it was appraised for and includes the dock, boat lift, slide, and the oh-so nice trailer that sits on the land. it's an opportunity to not miss so my mom and dad are buying it! they plan to sell some of the stuff or even rent it out to people. gotta love a steal of a deal, and the thought of taking what we have now and making it better for our kid's kids just makes me super thankful.