Monday, June 22, 2009

paintball and disney, oh my!

our favorite vacation before the kids (other than the honeymoon of course) was when we went to disney world. hands down. we really enjoyed it because the primary reason we went was because jay got asked from a team (phantom regiment) to play paintball with them in the world cup tournament at disney's sports complex. jay and the guys played great. they came in 47th place out of 167 teams. not too shabby. i really enjoyed watching and cheering him on. i can still remember having a camera in one hand and a video recorder in the other. he made me proud.we stayed at disney's pop century resort, and the atmosphere was SO super cute. i felt like a kid again. everything was over-sized of all your disney favorites, and walking around in it was like a scrapbooker's wet dream. it was heaven. seriously. we can't wait to take the kids once they all get big enough to enjoy and remember the awesome experience. so we park-hopped from day to day, and made sure that we rode every ride there. the tower of terror still gets to me. i think i held my breath the whole way down. here are some pics...