Thursday, June 11, 2009


thursday night, a group of friends and i met up at the fox and hound pub and grill to claim our free party that karla surprisingly won us the last time we were there about a month ago. we got to enjoy our own private party in the back room which included 2 orders of chips and salsa, 50 grand champion wings, 3 thin crust pizzas, and a billiard table for 2 hours. it was awesome. the wings were so spicy that they made karla maria break a sweat. too bad none of us were el preggo because they could have possibly induced labor.after we finished dinner, everyone enjoyed each other's company. we fraternized. six people played a game of pool at one time. lynda won a prize in the st. jude's raffle. and it seems as if we picked a great night considering thursday nights are also karaoke night. this only lead to kiffany and i attempting to sing grease's "hopelessly devoted to you." it was kiffany's idea, and like the good friend i am, i volunteered myself to help her butcher the song. let's just say it was hopelessly sad. so sad, it was bad. but hilarious nonetheless.overall, it was a helluva good time and much needed. however, i must admit that i was a wee bit disappointed that we did not run into maggie's strange old man. i already had the picture plotted out in my head of all of us on his lap. LOL. furthermore, a girl needs a good mom's night out every now and then, and i'm glad i get to share it with these bitches. thanks for the good time, ladies. ya'll rock my socks off!