Friday, June 19, 2009

still strolling...

i'd like to take another minute to continue reminiscing and thank the many fratastic formals that solidified us to stick like glue. from the semi-formals of sundresses and khakis to the formals of elegance and coat & tie, they were nothing short of mere drunken debauchery. thank god for pledges and/or drunk buses that drove our staggering selves around. here are some pics of some various ones...every formal was a blast, but there's one formal that will forever be embedded in my memory as my favorite. it was pi kapp roseball at the marriott in chattanooga, tn. there was a high school prom going on at the same exact time as our formal. we had been drinking heavily all day at the hotel bar before our formal even started. so fast-forward if you will. later during our formal, i noticed all the high school kids that kept walking to the nearby restrooms. i took one look at jay and asked him if ever went to prom. he said no, and together our hamster wheels started spinning uncontrollably. next thing we know, we are running past the chaperons at the front door of prom and dancing in the middle of all the high school students. it was awesome. i told the "zap man" to follow us so that he could get a picture of jay and i at prom together underneath all the big balloon arches. the DJ announced the last dance, and jay and i squealed in delight along with all the other innocent kiddos who were loving every second of it. we were golden. it was definitely a "night to remember."