Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday's 13: Jaydoug Style

so jay promised me that he would do the "thursday's thirteen" this week, and surprisingly, he delivered. i actually really enjoyed reading his. so here it goes. enjoy!

#1 It's Week 3 of the Biggest Loser. Everyone is still super competitive. Just 9 more weeks of eating lettuce.

#2 Kim's mom and dad drove over to our house tonight to give us left over cake. I think that's cheating. No worries, we'll just let Abby eat the icing off of it for us. :)

#3 Missed Jiu Jitsu Monday night thanks to work. The way things are going, I might be missing it a few more times.

#4 Stress + long work hours = weight loss (down to 200lb even from 210)

#5 Kim has been on a laundry kick. I don't know what got up her butt, but she's been doing 1-2 loads a day. Heck, she even hangs it when it's done. Who is this girl?

#6 To lake or not to lake, that is the question.

#7 I'm thinking of taking Abby to the skating rink soon. I'm a former Friday & Saturday night rink rat so we'll be able to skate during the backward skater only songs. Maybe I'll win the skate race and get a free slice of pizza.

#8 Sometimes I get annoyed by Kim's picture taking. But then looking back at all of our good times makes me get over it quickly.

#9 Speaking of pictures, I think she finally wore out that camera. I bet I know what "MY" father's day gift will be.

#10 Getting banished out of my house for Bunco tomorrow night.

#11 City Stages - I've never really been a fan of it. Last time Kim and I went, we got stuck in the VIP by the port-o-potties during a tornado warning...

#12 Summer heat is finally kicking in.

#13 To lake it is. I have tubing payback to collect.


Kim said...

good sound like me. how did that happen?

nonetheless, job well done. i was honestly expecting something like this...

1.) i love jiu jitsu.
2.) sleep is overrated.
3.) my wife is wonderful.

you get the idea...