Thursday, June 4, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) (highlight of the week) lyla is officially mobile!!! i don't know whether or not to call it "crawling" considering it looks more like a "military crawl" where she uses her arms and pushes off with her feet. but nonetheless, it's SO. STINKIN. CUTE., and it gets her where she wants to go.

2.) i've been watching real tv this week (a rarity in this house during the day since cartoons have been running the show). i saw clips of the MTV movie awards, and i noticed something. about the twilight girl. what the hell was she wearing? and the poor thing looked so uncomfortable and nervous. i hope hollywood doesn't tear her up.

3.) so when i finally found my cell phone, i opened it up, and there awaited 17 text messages. SEVENTEEN!!! see. there. proof that text msgs make me happy.

4.) i think it's the sweetest thing watching the mabster feed her baby sister some yum-yums. especially after every time the mabster puts one in her mouth, she screams, "she has teeth!" indeed, she does.

5.) lyla had her nine month check up the other day where she weighed in at 21 pounds and 10 ounces. her length was 29 inches. that puts her in the 90th percentile for both. as my MIL would say, "she comes from healthy stock." i love every ounce of her being.

6.) i hate laundry. despise it. never had such a hatred for anything. but damn, it feels good when it's done and off of my floor.

7.) the mabster gets on her kicks where i have to read the same book to her about 15 times a day. this week, the book is "love you forever." a classic. she is so use to hearing me read it to her, that now she reads it to baby sister. her favorite parts are, "this kid is driving me CRAZY!" immediately followed by laughter. then she says, "i love forever, i love you for always, my baby you'll be." and then my heart swells.

8.) crystal light's wild strawberry is some wicked crack.

9.) the mabster starts big girl school next tuesday. i've ordered her a toddler backpack with a matching lunch box, and we've been prepping her up all week. she is excited and jumps up and down if the words are even whispered...i, however, may be crying in the parking lot after i drop her off. my baby is gone...right before my eyes. (sigh)

10.) this week has been slow, but good lawd, the weekend is going to make up for it. today- we're headed to a play date and lunch.
friday - birthday pool party, and then to the magic city brewfest with friends.
saturday - the lake, baby!
sunday - the lake, and then yet another bday party at splash pad (i should seriously just engrave my name in one of their water canons).

11.) the hubster told me the other night something that he's wants me to know, but has never said. my first thought was, "oh shit, what did i do?" but he told me that his favorite thing about me was that i don't like to miss out, and that if i say i'm going to do something, i do it. it made me smile. only because i know he is the exact same way.

12.) i have been watching mystery diagnosis on TLC. believe it or not, it hasn't turned me into a psychosomatic hypochondriac. it's good stuff.

and lastly,

13.) our family's biggest loser competition has begun. we all weighed in at my mom and dad's house on monday, and the trash talking has been blowing up our inboxes all week. in karmie's own words, "you bitches don't even want to know about me. in addition to working out twice a day and not eating, two words: mexican pharmaceuticals." now that's a threat!