Thursday, June 11, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) these may be a bit boring this week since my creative juices are stagnant. please bear with me.

2.) i love how the mabster tells me what she did in big girl school while on the car ride home. the other day she told me that "hannah pushed anna kate down and made her cry." my first thought was, "punk." and then my mommy filter kicked in, and i said, "well that's not very nice."

3.) the other day, the hubster called while at work and said, "sweetie, i just got you an i-phone. it'll be here on the 18th." i thought, "sweet, he's so good to me!" later in the day, it hit me. isn't the new i-phone coming out soon? oh yes, that's right...HE got the new i-phone for himself, and i get his old one. it's rather laughable actually, but totally a win-win.

4.) tonight, the RH and i are having a mom's night out at the fox and the hound. we will be collecting our prizes (free food and pool table) since we won a free party last time we were all there. i am so utterly excited. some of the girls, i haven't seen in weeks. can't wait to catch up!

5.) the mabster is a private pooper. it's understandable. i get it, i do. she has been refusing to do her deed in the big girl potty and has to hide somewhere. (this has been going on for months and only with the deuce.) yesterday, (while in her big girl panties) she grabbed a diaper and tried to sit on it. i grabbed it from her and asked what she was doing. she said, "hiding" and started holding her bum-bum. she got a bit whiny with me so i grabbed her hand, we ran to her dora potty, i shut the door and said, "hide." minutes later, i came back to the biggest deuce i've ever seen. didn't know someone so small could produce so much. success.

6.) i lost 6 pounds last week in our family's biggest loser competition. i had originally lost 9, but the weekend killed me. boo. ya'll don't even want to know how much karmie lost. it's unreal. she lost 18 lbs. eight-frakkin-teen!! wtf!? now, threats of amputation and lipo are being made. this is proof that my family consists of a bunch of sarcastic toppers, eh?

7.) this weekend marks jay and i's weekend to invite people up to the lake. we've invited just a few, and i'm really excited to let the kids play while the adults eat, drink, and be merry. the water is finally the perfect temp. bring on the tubing wars!

8.) i've got one thing to say about this crud going around right now..."better back off, bitch."

9.) so i had down time yesterday. a lot of it. what did i do? hang out on the computer? nope. not this time. instead, i reminisced through some old scrapbooks. yeah, all SIXTEEN of them!! so many memories, so many feelings. i thought then that those were the best days of my life. then i realized that in about 20 years from now, i will mostly likely sit down and read this blog and think the same exact thing. it's amazing. really.

10.) my sweet little lyabug is not feeling like herself. bless her heart. i think she may have come down with something on tuesday night. she is needier, and yesterday after her dinner, she threw up all over me. today, i plan to hold her for four hours straight while the mabster is in MDO. she is my cuddle buddy. i already worship this one-on-one time with her more than anything.

11.) i was tempted to make jay write out my thursday's thirteen for me. i was unmotivated and thought i didn't have much to say this week. guess i was wrong. however, he did promise that he would write out next week's so ya'll stayed tuned. should be interesting...

12.) friday night, we're having a triple double date with karla/tre and sue/leo. sue is a fellow AOII with us, and leo is a fellow pi kapp with jay. we haven't seen each other in what feels like forever. gotta love the FB for impromptu get-togethers with old friends.

and lastly,

13.) sundresses. i can't get enough of them. good thing i'm not a skinny mini, or i'd be walking around naked all the damn time. this heat is getting ridiculous.