Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) monday night, karla and i went to dinner with one of our dear old high school friends (nat). after posting some old school pics in honor of our upcoming reunion on facebook, it sparked up conversation to get together. it was so much fun. some things i had completely forgotten about till they were brought up. good times. can't wait to do it again!

2.) the mabster has found a new pastime. she likes to wash her strawberry shortcake doll in the bathroom sink. i have even caught her washing the doll's toe-toes with a toothbrush. nice.

3.) little toshy likes to pinch daddy's nipples. she thinks they are buttons. i can't help but laugh. the action is contagious, and now i catch myself doing it as well. except when i go after them, i like to scream, "calling tokyo!" jay doesn't like it. so i do it more. hopefully, he won't come after mine.

4.) sunday, jay and the guys are heading up to the lake house for some drunk male bonding. they are calling in sick on monday (which i'm sure will be the honest truth if you know what i mean). i just pray no one ends up passed out in the lake at 4am. if only i could be there to take pictures. HA!

5.) today, i get to get my hair done did. my roots and highlights are looking rough. nothing like a fresh 'do to make a gal feel pretty.

6.) jay and i are planning to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow night with a hawt date of dinner and movie. i'm excited. our one-on-one time is crucial, and i love every minute of it.

7.) the mabster learned her first prayer at school, and the other day, she busted out singing it. it's the prayer they say right before they eat their lunch. i know this may freak some people out, but i absolutely love it. absolutely.

8.) are you ready for this? are you sure? please. sit down....we're not going to the lake this weekend. tragic, i know...

9.) instead, we are having a fun family day at alabama adventures on saturday since my dad got us all free tickets since they are having an event with free food and the such for the company he works for. mommy likey.

10.) i was given a camera for my 12th birthday by a friend who's dad worked for kodak. result? i have become the mamarazzi.

11.) i have been a reminiscing fool these past 2 weeks. i feel like i have looked through every picture i have ever taken. and damn. that's a lot. it has provided me with a lot of day dreaming, but now i am back to reality. kim douglas? present!

12.) tonight, i'm meeting up with my gal pals at gina's house. i'm really looking forward to it for obvious reasons, but also because we get to smooth out all the important details for our upcoming beach trip. ya know, things like claiming our cuddle buddies of whom we're sharing a bed with and what kind of outfits to bring. in the words of poodlehead, "anything that shows your breasts." LOL

and lastly,

13.) this week has been very slow paced compared to my normal daily activities. i've really enjoyed myself. for example, i have made 50 different trails of fruity cheerios around this house just to watch lyla crawl around and pick them up. military crawl no more, the girl is every where!


Anonymous said...

haha! tell jason he is not alone....townley LOVES robs nipples! it cracks me up!

i hope you and your friends have a wonderful beach trip...dont do anything i wouldnt do!!



Kim said...

LOL. too funny!

thanks, amy. we are all SOO ready for it. btw, what would you NOT do!? ;) love you girl!