Saturday, June 20, 2009


summer time means one thing. the lake. every weekend. with the temperature reaching the upper 90s, if we're outside, it's in a cool body of water. i'm just sayin. this weekend was a chillaxin one. karla maria and her fam couldn't come up because it was her weekend to work, and karmie had plans to attend city-stages. with that said, jess and blake came into town to play with us again, as well as the mitchelles. it was nice. jay took all of us tubing, and we really enjoyed it. a lot. if only i had a tape recorder that would catch the shite we were saying, err, screaming. things like, "i think i just pissed myself," followed by, "has anyone seen my uterus?" followed by, "i can't feel my teeth." it was fan-freakin'tastic.also, since it was father's day weekend, jay wanted me to pull him behind the boat while he slalomed. so i did. got him up in no time (that's what she said =P). then, he wanted to go tubing. so i dumped him on father's day. right off the tube, and into the lake. it was the finest tuck and roll i've ever seen. he said he was a bit gun shy after the last time i took him tubing, but nonetheless, it was pretty funny.