Friday, July 31, 2009

playdate fun!

thanks for having us, heather. it's always a good time!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) little toshy seems to be getting into any and every thing right now. i've had to bust out her middle name more than a couple of times while telling her no. now the mabster thinks it's funny and walks around the house saying, "lyla scarlett!!"

2.) the old man in speedos who walks around the track while we do yoga seems to really enjoy taking a water break while we perform the "frog" pose. hmmmmm...

3.) while the mabster was eating a ring pop the other day, she set it on the table and lyla quickly grabbed. she thought it was a binkie until she put it in her mouth and discovered that it had a yummy cherry flavor. she started bopping her head and going nutso. needless to say, the mabster had a hard time getting it back.

4.) i cannot seem to type correctly lately. it's like my mind is thinking faster than i can type. what's up with that?

5.) as of last week, jay has started playing tennis during his lunch breaks with a few of his coworkers. he now wants me to take up the sport with him. i told him only if i can wear a shnazzy headband with matching wristbands. that's hot.

6.) the mabster has been so easily entertained this week thanks to all the make-up and huge coloring book set that nana lin gave her. it's been nice actually...until she paints her feet with make-up and walks on the carpet. ack!

7.) why is it that it never fails that if i am going out to dinner with friends and have 50 million things to do beforehand, the girls both eighty-six their naps and are just pure hot messes. BUT as soon as jay gets home, they are perfect, worn out, and ready for bed. it's like they know. they smell it when they first wake up in the morning. "mommy's going out tonight so we'll be extra good for daddy." never. fails.

8.) i think the "dead bug" pose in yoga should be appropriately renamed to "spread eagle." after showing the hubster what it looked like, he agreed. it is what it is.

9.) if toshy pulls off another door stopper and tries to quickly eat it, i will be fast approaching an early grave. there's only so much mouthal side swiping i can do in a day. i believe i have finally hidden every single one in the house. except for in the man cave.

10.) sadly enough to say, the mabster can out snore her daddy. yeah. it's pretty bad.

11.) i am excited about this weekend starting off with a playdate at heather's house. i love play dates within one's home. it just seems so much more relaxed and comfortable. plus, all our kids know each other so there's no random older kid running over the babies and toddlers.

12.) writing thank you notes for the mabster's birthday party followed by quickly sending out invitations for lyla's birthday party is stressful. my hand is going to fall off from just addressing them alone. next kid will definitely have to be a winter baby. i'm just sayin.

and lastly,

13.) i LUBS a good rainy day being cuddled up with my girls and watching cartoons on the couch. with the blinds open providing that natural light to come in, it's almost like a relaxing staycation. it's good for my soul.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

one last hurrah

tonight, i met up with the girls for dinner at gina's house. she wanted to host a dinner to not only say farewell to the summer, but also for one last hurrah before she starts back to work on monday. gina served pasta bolognese, and there was a food sign up on the message board for salad, bread, appetizers, desserts, etc. all of it was wonderfully delicious. we're gonna miss seeing gina and rocco during the day, but at least we'll still have some mom's night outs and facebook to keep in touch. it was a great night for dinner and drinks so thank you, gina, and good luck with your upcoming school year!

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

happy birthday, jessi!

tonight, i met up with some close friends in celebration of jessi's birthday today. she is relocating jobs at the moment, and we all got lucky that she was able to be in town for her special day. we ate dinner at surin, chatted, and made plans for some girl time on friday night since a few of our other "out of state" friends will be here as well. can't wait! i really miss seeing all of you girls. happy birthday, jessi!

Monday, July 27, 2009

school rules!

this week is the mabster's last week for the summer session at her school. boo. she *loves* going, and now i am forced to find ways to entertain her for the whole month of august until dance and school both start up in early september. so i can't really recall, but i was either super slammed or just plain lazy last week that the thought of celebrating the mabster's birthday at school with her friends completely escaped me. looking back, i honestly felt like a bad mother. no worries though, i am just a week late so we'll let it slide. we can celebrate for the whole month for all i care! :) so i baked a batch of yummy devil's food cupcakes with chocolate icing and added sprinkles for her and all her classmates. she even ate one for breakfast. hey, it's her birthday. it only happens once a year. they were some chocolatey scrumptilous i dropped her off that morning, i handed mrs. lisa my camera and asked her ever so politely if she didn't mind taking some pictures for me since i'm a hardcore scrapbooker. the lady delivered. when i got my camera back and scanned through the pics, i got so incredibly happy. seriously. pictures are my zoloft. no lie. ends up that mrs. lisa had made the mabster a happy birthday crown and sticker to wear.she took pictures of the mabster and her friends both inside the classroom and while out on the playground. i even got some group photos! mrs. lisa is a good woman. needless to say, i was pleasantly surprised. i am so glad i have these to document here. take a gander for your viewing pleasure por favor.these last three are my utmost favorita. look closely, they are all standing beside each other with hands collapsed in prayer form. jesus christ. that's some good stuff. the second one is of the mabster with her BFF. obviously the teachers know that they love each other, or my kid demanded a picture with brooke since she's so use to me taking them. and lastly, we had a party in the parking lot with a couple of leftover cupcakes. we all did a happy dancy dance, and the kids ran around in circles. once we got home, the sugar high took a nosedive and the mabster crashed straight into the couch. happy 3rd birthday!! (again)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

back at the lake

after the reunion, we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the dock. the whole mitchelle gang was there waiting for us. they had been boozin' it up all morning and were tanked. old mitchelle is BACK with a brand new ahole and feeling better than ever. hells to the yeah. so we swim and shoot the breeze with everyone for awhile, then decide to go cruising around on the boat. tita karmie held the mabster the whole time while carson fell asleep under the towels on the floor. that's why we love riding around on the boat. it's like valium for the kiddos. knocks'em right out.after driving around and taking a cat nap on the back of the boat, jay turned the engine off so that we could all jump in for a pee break. yup, that's right. it was about that time for all of us to raise smith lake's water level a couple of inches. afterwards, we took a sisters picture on the boat since we all know how hard it is to get all of us up there at one time. (note to self: must starve self for the remaining months of biggest loser because karmie is looking H*A*W*T!!!!) also, check out karmie's flip-flop tan lines...the woman has gone tanorexic and looks fabulous. she is SO proud of those damn tan lines.later, jay wanted to go slaloming behind the boat while tre took the wheel. i snagged a couple of quick pics before they both decided to call it a day. since it was so windy, the waves were a lot more choppier than the usual. see the rainbow on the bottom right of the next picture? those wonderful things were following us every where.overall, the weather felt amazing. you can tell that fall is right around the corner because the air and breeze was so cool and crisp. tre continued to drive us the rest of the way home while jay and i sat in the back. now these moments never happen. it's usually always jay driving everybody around while i sit upfront with a kid in my lap. we didn't know what to do with ourselves. so we sat there and intermittently sucked face. i think we could have made another baby if no one else was on that boat. (sigh) oh, how i wish we were still up there.

the family reunion

before i forget, i wanted to post this picture of the wooden beams at the lake house. my dad has finally finished encasing them, and it looks awesome. i have to give a shout out to my dad for being the best mr. handyman out there. he has built every inch of that lake house from foundation up all by himself. amazing, eh? looks good, dad!okay. so sunday, we started getting ready for our annual family reunion in cullman. these things are pretty fun, i ain't gonna lie. everyone is required to bring a dish per family so i made some green bean casserole to share. it was the only thing we already had all the ingredients to in the lake house, and it's always delicious. so we say prayer and begin to eat. it was hilarious watching daddy let lyla chow down on his rice krispy treat. yummy.after everyone finished eating, the raffle-o-surprises began. now this is my favorite part of the whole event. this year instead of pulling our names out of a bowl, we got to pick out a surprise by birth dates starting with the month of july. whadda-ya-know, the mabster goes first! she picks out a yellow bunny. nice. there are many different things to chose from ranging in price from $1 to $10. if you're lucky, you get to snag up the $10 gift cards first. alas, since my birthday month is in april, they were all gone so i chose the awesome hula hoop instead. jealous much? check out jay and his mad skills with it. what a dork.between all of us, we pretty much racked up on some random junk. things like coloring books and crayons, a flowery hot pink fly swatter, lotion, water gun, gift cards, candles, dolls, and stuffed animals for the kids. carson picked out a ball only for karmie, jay, and the mabster to start playing soccer in the corner with it. here's a group family picture (minus pawpaw because he had to work) with all our random junk. can't wait till next year!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy 1st birthday, claire!

saturday after playing in the lake all day, we headed back to birmingham for tony and maloney's little girl, claire's, first birthday party. the party was from 4:00-6:00pm and at their house. the set up was super cute with miniature animal pools, sprinklers, and slip-n-slides in their back yard. we put the kids in their bathing suits, and they were all having a blast just spishin' and a splashin'.tony grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs as we all sat outside and enjoyed their new patio. btw, it looks awesome you guys! there was mac-n-cheese for the kids as well as watermelon, strawberries, grapes, chips and dip, and everything in between. i think the mabster ate about 5 suckers and 3 cupcakes. no kidding. here's a picture of lyla with the birthday girl. these two are going to be BFFs growing up. they are less than a month apart and so sweet. also, we all took an old school AOII pic with maloney, gina, katie b, karla, and vanassa. we just found out that vanassa is pregnant with her first so everyone was pretty excited. babies, babies, every where!! it was good catching up with everybody.we hung around with everyone until the babies started to grow weary, and then we headed back up to the lake house. it was a long drive, but totally worth it. so happy first birthday, claire! you are one beautiful girl, and we can't wait to celebrate many more!

lakein' it, baby!

this weekend at the lake was more than fabulous. it was different. different in the fact that jay and i (along with the girls of course) were the only ones staying at the lake house. no other family or friends. just us. we were carefree and disgusting, i'm sure. we farted on each other, peed with the bathroom door wide open, and ran around in our underwear. it was nice. so after a quiet night of sleep, we woke up and ate breakfast. then, i packed up the necessities (smirnoff, floaties, towels, and snacks), and we ventured off for a cruise on the boat while mamaw came over to watch lyla bug. after the last couple of busy weekends we've had, being out on the lake was like therapy. let's booze cruise, shall we? *insert huge exhale here*so we're cruising around when out of no where comes stacy and jamie flying towards us on their sea-doo. behind them is mitchelle and the kids on their boat. we turn around and all meet up at our dock to let the good times roll. we swim. we drink. we play and laugh. so stacy offered up to let us ride their sea-doo. the mabster had never been on one so we were excited to see what she would think about it. we take off. jay is driving with the mabster helping steer us. we go at a slow steady pace and then faster. how was the mabster's first time on a sea-doo? she didn't really care for it. i think we were on for about 2 minutes before she said she wanted to go back and swim. sounds good with me. so we drop her off, and then jay took me out for a joy ride. except it wasn't joyful, but scary. he was flooring it, and then the thought crept into my mind..."this is like riding a motorcycle. but on water." i don't do motorcycles. i screamed as he jumped over wakes and clenched on for dear life. it was over with. i'm still alive and doing well. thanks for asking.

Friday, July 24, 2009

mmm, mmm, good!

i get cravings. hubster, mabster, and toshy do too. so if it's a friday night, and we're headed up to the lake house, only one thing crosses my mind. call mamaw for the BEST chicken and dumplins in the world. yes, they're *that* good. it is the one thing that's a guarantee for the mabster to eat when she slips into her picky toddler diet. oh, and toshy inhales them too. they will always be a childhood favorite of mine and now for the girls too. it's funny because jay and i even fought over the last scoop of dumplins...i think he about lost a finger.thank you, mamaw. we love your chicken-n-dumplins, but love you MORE!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) holy crappit, i almost completely forgot about doing these. i can't believe it's already thursday. thank you, sweet baby jesus!! okay, i'm gonna try and bust these out fast...

2.) this morning while on the way of dropping off the mabster at school, i accidentally ran over a squirrel while toshy screamed her head off in the back seat all while listening to "had a bad day." convenient, no? i'm headed back to bed.

3.) so i've been watching nyc prep on the bravo channel here lately. taylor is my favorite girl. she seems like an all around good girl who doesn't care to chase around the guys. which only makes them want her more. i hope the mabster is like that one day.

4.) it usually takes a lot to get lyla to giggle. however, now she has found them, and she'll just crawl around giggling at herself. the sound is music to my ears.

5.) jay has earned yet another stripe in jiu jitsu the other day. that makes 3 stripes on his white belt, and it makes him so excited. congrats, dork.

6.) we're having our annual family reunion in cullman on sunday. i actually really like these kinda things.

7.) lyla's bff (claire's) birthday party is this weekend at tony and maloney's house. i texted them the other day to ask what she wanted, only to get "a pony" texted back. so now i'm off to buy a miniature "my little pony." be careful what you wish for.

8.) we're headed to the splash pad tomorrow for lots of fun with all of the mabster's friends. the turn out for that place still amazes me. love it.

9.) i think mayor lala is mentally unstable. with his unicorns and all.

10.) the girl's allergies have been acting up this week which makes for more fussiness than the usual. it's been wearing me out. the only possible pro about it is that bedtime has been super early. cheers to that!

11.) today i plan to do nothing. absolutely nothing, but hold down the couch. this headache deserves it. :)

12.) i love watching lyla pick up the telephone and hold it to her ear as if she is talking on it. she loves it. i remember at that age, the mabster loved the remote control. not this one. the telephone is her passion.

and lastly,

13.) we went to the open play at pump it up in pelham yesterday. i guess everyone had the same idea as we did on such a rainy day because the place was a madhouse. mad. house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yoga yoga

today after i dropped the mabster off at school, i met up at the gym with stacy, stacey t., and maggie. we checked the babies into the nursery and headed to the yoga class. okay. so this was my very first yoga class, and i'll admit, i did not know what to expect. all i know is that i really wanted to try it considering i feel like my body is getting old and stiff. also i've noticed that at times, my posture resembles that of a hunchback, and mommy no likey.

so we get started. as soon as i did some spinal twists, i felt and heard my back pop all the way up. tension released. it was fabulous. throughout the 60 minute class, we performed many yoga postures. some of the names i remembered were the "downward facing dog, the snake, the frog, the mountain, the warrior, and the child's pose." some were super challenging, especially if balance is required. flexibility and balance don't work well with me. even more so if it's at the same time. but hey, at least i have a sense of humor and can laugh at myself.

the stretches and meditation of it all was much needed. finally at the end of the class, we performed "the corpse" for about 5 minutes, and i swear i almost dozed off. it was conscious relaxation at it's peak. i felt like limber lucy. so we all enjoyed the class, picked up the babies at the nursery, met for mexican and margaritas (nice, huh?), and then bought our very own yoga mats and pants. we plan to make this a routine since we enjoyed it so much. right now we have high hopes of trying it all. for example, "yogalates" which combines yoga and pilates sounds like it will be even better. who knows, maybe some zumba classes will be next!

Monday, July 20, 2009

a day with tita karmie

today, tita karmie came over to surprise the mabster with a fun one-on-one outing for her birthday. she dropped by our house this morning, told the mabster, "happy birthday" and asked her where she wanted to go for the day. the mabster quickly responded back with, "the zoo and chuck-e-cheese." so that's just what they did. tita karmie even picked out her outfit and got her dressed and ready. the mabster was so excited. she waved and kissed me goodbye, and off they went. i even made tita karmie bring my camera with her because "if it's not blogged, it didn't happen." LOL. here are some pics while at the zoo...while at the zoo, they also ran into some of the mabster's friends. i was quite pleased to find out that they all took a group pic of the kids on one of the benches at the zoo. too cute. so after the zoo, tita karmie took the mabster per request to chuck-e-cheese. the mabster ate pizza, rode beside barney, watched tita karmie win a ton of tickets, went down the big slide "all by myself," and made silly faces. at the end, the mabster told me that she "watched the machine eat their tickets, and tita karmie won her some pink cotton candy." they spent the whole day together, and the mabster worshipped every second of thank you, tita karmie! it's little memories like this that mean so much to a kid. i know the mabster will never forget it. just be careful on where she responds with come next year...hopefully, she will know nothing about a place called disney world. :) we love you!! XOXO