Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of july fun!

every year, we enjoy spending 4th of july at the lake. we invite family and friends up and just have a grand ole time. this year was no different, but in fact, it was better. for you see, our family is expanding. and fast. also, our BFF college friends now have a baby of their own too. so combine independence day with a bunch of babies who are all just months of each other, and you get one awesome time. seriously, it's amazing how much more fun kids can make a holiday!once auntie gracie, uncle john, cousin baby douglas, tony, maloney, and baby claire all got there, we "oohh and ahhh'ed" at each others babies and couldn't believe how big everyone had gotten. you forget how close they all are in age until they get to a certain developmental stage and can play with each other. or shall i say babble, giggle, and crawl? i love it. so we head down to the lake. everyone had the cutest little floaties for the babies, and it was seriously so sweet just watching them float around. all of them were so content and laid back. it's the perfect age, i tell ya.after everyone went swimming, jay took all the guys out on the boat so that they can play with all the water toys. they went knee-boarding, skiing, slaloming, wake-boarding, and wake-skated. a lake lover's delight. all the girls stayed and hung out on the dock while exchanging baby stories, sipping on beer and margaritas, and munching on my yummy seven layer bean dip. once the guys returned, jay offered to take us around cruising. it was our turn for fun in the sun. so the daddies went upstairs with the babies and laid them down for their naps. the good thing about having friends with kids is knowing that we have multiple pack-n-plays to share when nap time comes around. and oh, here's a picture of uncle john holding up baby douglas by his life-jacket. if you couldn't tell, he was imitating like he just caught a huge fish that was a keeper. it was his glory shot. hilarious.after maloney went slaloming like no one's biznazz (props for her mad skills), we all went back inside the lake house. jay grilled some yummy pork tenderloin (his specialty), and everyone else brought up some sides. all the food was delicious as it always is. we enjoyed eating while letting the kids all play together. little lyla LOVES her cousin, douglas. they were SOO sweet and funny to watch. all toshy wanted to do was go after his toe-toes and face with her mouth wide open. i think she thought we was cute enough to eat and loved the fact that finally there was someone littler than her. also, lyla, claire, and carson shared toys back and forth while the mabster supervised. the tailgates this year are going to be a blast!the day seemed to fly by. i guess that's what happens when you're having fun. next thing we know it's almost 8:00pm, and we are all getting us and the kids ready to watch the fireworks out on the lake. so everyone piles into jay's boat, and we head in the right direction. once we got there, we turned the boat off and got settled. jay had brought aboard the ice chest filled with cold drinks and concocted me one yummy margarita. we were surrounded by hundreds of boats, and you could hear music playing from the main house that shoots off the really big fireworks. tony couldn't help but state how much he really enjoyed "the ambiance that the patriotic music was providing." he then placed bets that "born in the u.s.a" would be played next. it was played shortly after, and we all laughed as if we were surprised. overall, the fireworks were the perfect ending for a wonderful 4th of july with family and friends. thank you guys so much for celebrating it with us. just think, next year the kids will be jumping off the dock and ready for the tube. HA!oh. and this last pic? that's what little lyla thought about the fireworks. god love her!!