Friday, July 17, 2009

abby's 3rd birthday party!

friday night from 6:00-8:00pm, we celebrated the mabster's 3rd birthday at the splash pad near our house. we told her that her birthday party was going to be that night so all day long, she ran around singing "happy birthday to abby." she was SO incredibly excited that she decided to eighty-six her nap for the day. so be it. after all, she's the birthday girl. here is a picture of our two girls before the big party. nan made the mabster a pretty pillowcase dress with her name on it and the number 3. lyla wore a matching one, and they looked so adorable. this is why i LOVE having girls...all of our closest friends and family were there, and we couldn't have asked for a better night. i was worried about the weather since it called for a 60% chance of rain earlier in the week. i checked the weather forecast religiously so i was quite happy when the 60% turned into 20%. also, we've never hosted a birthday party on a friday night before, but since that was the only time the pavilion was open when i called months ago, it was our only option. let's just say that having it on a friday night was a HUGE success!! we loved it. the whole party ran so smoothly. everyone was so excited that it was a friday and that the weekend was finally here. the kids were have a blast, and the parents were even boozin' it up discreetly. it was it came time to sing "happy birthday" to our special girl. i left jay in charge of ordering the cake. i had no idea what it was going to look like, but told him that we were doing a beachy theme. when he showed me the cake, i was quite impressed. he ordered half chocolate and half vanilla with butter creme frosting. it was delicious! also, jay was worried that he ordered it too big, but the slices were gone as fast as nana lin could cut them...and she was cutting them at the pace of lightening speed. she's a professional when it comes to that kind of thing so everybody ended up having their cake and eating it too within minutes. awesome. and oh yeah, the mabster really enjoyed singing "happy birthday" to herself along with everybody else with her BFF beside her. i love those two!here are some more random pics that i really like and felt the need to post. these people are my family, and we love and appreciate them more than anything. for you see, papa john hammed it up for the camera when he wore the birthday girl's sunglasses, and tita karmie and auntie jess enjoyed the sunset on the swing with toshy and the mabster. also, mad props to tita karla for being the mamarazzi for the day for me. it's awesome knowing that for once, i can relax and enjoy it while someone else is taking all the pics for me. the last one is of abby, lyla, me, lola, nana lin, and the nan. it's our "Four Generations" picture, and i love thing we know, it was time for the mabster to open up her presents. for a 3-year-old, she racked up! but it was nice because she received a lot of various stuff. things like super cute summer and fall clothes, make-up/nail polish/accessories, toys, puzzles, dress up clothes, money and gift cards, barbie dolls, crayons/paints/glitter markers, etc. it was the sweetest thing when she would open each present up, smile real big, and then quietly say, "thank you." she's nothing short of good manners.the birthday party was coming to a close. everything went much better than we ever expected, and we are so grateful for that. the mabster really enjoyed herself, as well as all her friends. there was no rocking any babies that night because we were all spent. as soon as we got home, everyone passed out and that's all she wrote. true signs of a great time. so thank you again for all those who came to help us celebrate. we think you guys are awesome. more importantly, happy 3rd birthday, mabster. we love you more than you will ever know!! XOXO