Sunday, July 26, 2009

back at the lake

after the reunion, we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the dock. the whole mitchelle gang was there waiting for us. they had been boozin' it up all morning and were tanked. old mitchelle is BACK with a brand new ahole and feeling better than ever. hells to the yeah. so we swim and shoot the breeze with everyone for awhile, then decide to go cruising around on the boat. tita karmie held the mabster the whole time while carson fell asleep under the towels on the floor. that's why we love riding around on the boat. it's like valium for the kiddos. knocks'em right out.after driving around and taking a cat nap on the back of the boat, jay turned the engine off so that we could all jump in for a pee break. yup, that's right. it was about that time for all of us to raise smith lake's water level a couple of inches. afterwards, we took a sisters picture on the boat since we all know how hard it is to get all of us up there at one time. (note to self: must starve self for the remaining months of biggest loser because karmie is looking H*A*W*T!!!!) also, check out karmie's flip-flop tan lines...the woman has gone tanorexic and looks fabulous. she is SO proud of those damn tan lines.later, jay wanted to go slaloming behind the boat while tre took the wheel. i snagged a couple of quick pics before they both decided to call it a day. since it was so windy, the waves were a lot more choppier than the usual. see the rainbow on the bottom right of the next picture? those wonderful things were following us every where.overall, the weather felt amazing. you can tell that fall is right around the corner because the air and breeze was so cool and crisp. tre continued to drive us the rest of the way home while jay and i sat in the back. now these moments never happen. it's usually always jay driving everybody around while i sit upfront with a kid in my lap. we didn't know what to do with ourselves. so we sat there and intermittently sucked face. i think we could have made another baby if no one else was on that boat. (sigh) oh, how i wish we were still up there.