Sunday, July 5, 2009


so sunday rolls around after one laid-back yet eventful saturday. it rained the whole night before which made for the BEST sleeping ever. honestly, it amazes me how much better we ALL sleep when we're at the lake house. just hearing the sound of the rain fall on the tin roof is enough to make you feel like you just popped a handful of valium. furthermore, my kids rarely ever oversleep...but it never fails that they do while we're there. it amazes me. i am so very thankful. so after everyone woke up and ate a late breakfast, we headed back down to the lake. tita karla wanted to go riding on the tube with carson. it was his first time, and we were excited. jay drove the boat super slow and in a straight line. it was perfect. relaxing. i think i fell asleep. drool or lake water? i don't know. the water was so extremely calm since everyone had left to go home so it was perfect for carson's first time.after tubing, swimming, and cruising around on the water, we decided to go inside. we ate lunch and then headed to the front porch so that daddy and the mabster could light up the sparklers. can i just say that sparklers have come a long way since i was a kid. instead of the short, wire, stiff ones that always seemed to burn me, they are now long, paper, and super flexible. i loved them. the mabster was not scared one bit and was fascinated by the all the sparks. her and daddy alone used up one whole pack before i could even ask for a second one. good times, good times. this year is turning out to be the best.summer.ever. here's to memories, and many more to come!