Monday, July 20, 2009

a day with tita karmie

today, tita karmie came over to surprise the mabster with a fun one-on-one outing for her birthday. she dropped by our house this morning, told the mabster, "happy birthday" and asked her where she wanted to go for the day. the mabster quickly responded back with, "the zoo and chuck-e-cheese." so that's just what they did. tita karmie even picked out her outfit and got her dressed and ready. the mabster was so excited. she waved and kissed me goodbye, and off they went. i even made tita karmie bring my camera with her because "if it's not blogged, it didn't happen." LOL. here are some pics while at the zoo...while at the zoo, they also ran into some of the mabster's friends. i was quite pleased to find out that they all took a group pic of the kids on one of the benches at the zoo. too cute. so after the zoo, tita karmie took the mabster per request to chuck-e-cheese. the mabster ate pizza, rode beside barney, watched tita karmie win a ton of tickets, went down the big slide "all by myself," and made silly faces. at the end, the mabster told me that she "watched the machine eat their tickets, and tita karmie won her some pink cotton candy." they spent the whole day together, and the mabster worshipped every second of thank you, tita karmie! it's little memories like this that mean so much to a kid. i know the mabster will never forget it. just be careful on where she responds with come next year...hopefully, she will know nothing about a place called disney world. :) we love you!! XOXO


Trista said...

She's very lucky to have an auntie like tita karmie! Looks like they had a blast!!!

Heather S. said...

That is so sweet! What a great aunt she is.

Kim said...

i guess we'll keep her around! :)