Friday, July 3, 2009

dinner & a movie

friday while at the lake house, jay and i decided that we'd go out for a hawt date night in cullman since lola said she didn't mind watching the girls for us. we were really excited. another reason why we love going to the lake house every weekend is because we always have a sitter ready and available with both lola and mamaw. the girls love their quality time with them, and we love our quality time with each other. so off to dinner and a movie we went. it was funny at dinner when we sat beside a cute old couple. i couldn't help but observe them. they just simply sat there quiet the whole time while enjoying their meal. i couldn't help but tell jay that one day we will be like them...either so tired of talking to each other that the communication is no longer there, or just so utterly unbelievably comfortable that words are not even needed. just enjoying each other's company. i hope it is the latter. :)

anywayz, after dinner, we headed to the movie theatre to see the hangover. the movie was hysterically fan-freakin-tastic! at one point (during the cop/jail scene), i was seriously laughing so hard that it brought me to tears. it's definitely one of those movies that you end up quoting to anyone else who has seen it. also, it was neat looking at all the sights that were in vegas and remembering that we use to go there ALL.THE.TIME. for jay's job. pre-kids, of course. maybe one day, we'll get a chance to go back...