Saturday, July 18, 2009

dirty roller derby

saturday was one busy, eventful, crazy fun day. after the birthday party, we all ate as a family at chappy's deli. we freakin' love that place! their maple turkey croissant is to die for. i digress. anywayz, we had plans to attend a "slip-n-swine" party with a bunch of our college friends, but time slipped away from us, and there was no way that we had time to drop the girls off with lola, and then make it to the roller derby as well. so once we got the kid situation under control (thank you, lola, for being our last second babysitter), we headed to the roller derby to watch the "tragic city rollers" play at the zamora shrine temple. dude. it was awesome. this was jay and i's first experience to watch a roller derby, and it was absolutely wicked.i still don't even get the gist of the game, but it was pretty awesome just watching it. the girls were vicious. ferocious beasts shall i say. oh. and their derby nicknames alone provided an hour worth of laughs. they had names like, "dixie thrash, panama jack you up, dyke tyson, sally slaughter, black betty, and scnott nose kid." i swear, i am still laughing. their attire was fabulous as well. one girl had on some shiny gold panties, and becca said that she was going to buy her a pair for the bedroom to make her feel like a super hero prowess. another girl wore some skimpy panties over some tights that said, "you heart me." it was dangerously hilarious, and we cackled the whole time. here's a picture of our meanest derby faces...apparently, becca didn't get the memo because she is all smiles. love the first quarter ends, and the half-time show begins. we were pleasantly surprised with some belly dancers. or as jay would say, "capital BELLY dancers." i'm not usually the one to be shallow and judgemental, but it was pretty funny. they put my belly to shame. hehe. i was almost tempted to get my picture taken with them after the show. needless to say, we were all still loving every second of it.the bout ends, and the roller derby girls skated around and gave everybody a high five. we all jumped at the chance to get our last ounce of derby spirit so it was hilarious after marcial received his high five, quickly smelling his hand, and vowing to never wash it again. good times, good times. well, mark another first off our list because jay and i loved it. we are quite excited about the next bout in september. we gave it two thumbs up, woot-woot!