Sunday, July 26, 2009

the family reunion

before i forget, i wanted to post this picture of the wooden beams at the lake house. my dad has finally finished encasing them, and it looks awesome. i have to give a shout out to my dad for being the best mr. handyman out there. he has built every inch of that lake house from foundation up all by himself. amazing, eh? looks good, dad!okay. so sunday, we started getting ready for our annual family reunion in cullman. these things are pretty fun, i ain't gonna lie. everyone is required to bring a dish per family so i made some green bean casserole to share. it was the only thing we already had all the ingredients to in the lake house, and it's always delicious. so we say prayer and begin to eat. it was hilarious watching daddy let lyla chow down on his rice krispy treat. yummy.after everyone finished eating, the raffle-o-surprises began. now this is my favorite part of the whole event. this year instead of pulling our names out of a bowl, we got to pick out a surprise by birth dates starting with the month of july. whadda-ya-know, the mabster goes first! she picks out a yellow bunny. nice. there are many different things to chose from ranging in price from $1 to $10. if you're lucky, you get to snag up the $10 gift cards first. alas, since my birthday month is in april, they were all gone so i chose the awesome hula hoop instead. jealous much? check out jay and his mad skills with it. what a dork.between all of us, we pretty much racked up on some random junk. things like coloring books and crayons, a flowery hot pink fly swatter, lotion, water gun, gift cards, candles, dolls, and stuffed animals for the kids. carson picked out a ball only for karmie, jay, and the mabster to start playing soccer in the corner with it. here's a group family picture (minus pawpaw because he had to work) with all our random junk. can't wait till next year!