Sunday, July 19, 2009

first big girl bike

sunday's weather was too perfect not to be outside in it all day. seriously, it felt like fall, and it just made you feel good. we wanted to give the mabster her birthday present from us on monday (her actual birth day), but since the weather was so nice, we couldn't resist giving it to her today. the day started off with stacy calling and saying that brooke wanted abby to come over and play. so off daddy and abby went while i stayed home and organized/clean all of the mabster's new things. abby ended up playing in the pool with lil B, and jay ended up falling asleep on their couch while watching golf with mitchelle.

once they got back home, we gave the mabster her birthday present from us. it was her first big girl bike equipped with training wheels and a matching helmet. it's as girly as all get out with disney princesses and pink every where. she's got a bag attached to the front for her sunglasses and sparkly tassels that flow off the handle bars. she loves it.daddy helped her learn how to ride it. it was funny because she didn't even get the concept of pushing the pedals before she wanted to take down the driveway on it. if you've seen our driveway, you will understand that of course, we didn't let her. right now, we're just letting her stay on flat land. so after the mabster rode around in the culdesac for awhile, we all walked back up to the house to jump on the miniature trampoline in the backyard. the mabster goes nutso on this thing. she's like a little spit fire full of energy. later, jay had to perform some of his jiu jitsu moves with the girls. it was hilarious when the mabster put her legs around toshy and said, "lyla bug, i got you in a triangle!" dear gawd, what is daddy teaching them!?


Trista said...

Happy Belated Birthday Abby!!!

Seeing pictures like this makes me hate that Mark has been out of town so much and not able to play with the kids.

Kim said...

the birthday girl says, "thanks, trista!"

we're glad ya'll are back home!