Tuesday, July 7, 2009

happy birthday, stacy!

tonight, i met up with the girls for a dinner celebration in honor of my tri-nkie BFF, stacy. i tried so hard to make it a surprise for her, but she knows me far too well, asked too many questions, and i ended up having to tell her. good grief. it's kinda funny when we know each other like the back of our hand, that it's so incredibly obvious that something is up. i'll never try to surprise her again. HA! anywayz, so i told her to chose her favorite place to eat. of course she chose p.f. chang's. yummy! so i send out an email, and the birthday train started to choo-choo.we all had an awesome time. i think dinners like these are the best. just fun. innocent. hysterical. real. fun. some of the highlights of the night include, but are not limited to:

~ the birthday sunglasses that i got stacy that will be handed down to the next birthday girl in the RH. we like traditions, and this will be one to follow suit.
~ brenda's present to stacy which consisted of two empty beer cans. nice.
~ when stacy found brenda's ipod wrapped up with her gift that supposedly brenda had been looking for for-ever. brenda then proceeded to make sweet love to it once it was safely back in her hands.
~ the birthday girl picture-hopping. where's waldo? scratch that. where's stacy?
~ our waiters eyebrow dance. haven't laughed that hard in awhile. i swear my cheeks still hurt.
~ when our waiter brought out a shot of chocolate cake for said bday girl, and since the staff there doesn't believe in singing and embarrassing her...we collectively did.
~ having person to person read off their fortune cookie. "in bed."
~ racking up on a bunch of free crap since we were having a great time and the manager seemed to appreciate it.
~ heaven and hell, blue beads, hemmorhoid surgery, saggy boobs, sit and spin. don't ask. you don't want to know. believe me.

overall, it was an awesome dinner with awesome friends. happy 21st stacy! we love you!!