Saturday, July 25, 2009

lakein' it, baby!

this weekend at the lake was more than fabulous. it was different. different in the fact that jay and i (along with the girls of course) were the only ones staying at the lake house. no other family or friends. just us. we were carefree and disgusting, i'm sure. we farted on each other, peed with the bathroom door wide open, and ran around in our underwear. it was nice. so after a quiet night of sleep, we woke up and ate breakfast. then, i packed up the necessities (smirnoff, floaties, towels, and snacks), and we ventured off for a cruise on the boat while mamaw came over to watch lyla bug. after the last couple of busy weekends we've had, being out on the lake was like therapy. let's booze cruise, shall we? *insert huge exhale here*so we're cruising around when out of no where comes stacy and jamie flying towards us on their sea-doo. behind them is mitchelle and the kids on their boat. we turn around and all meet up at our dock to let the good times roll. we swim. we drink. we play and laugh. so stacy offered up to let us ride their sea-doo. the mabster had never been on one so we were excited to see what she would think about it. we take off. jay is driving with the mabster helping steer us. we go at a slow steady pace and then faster. how was the mabster's first time on a sea-doo? she didn't really care for it. i think we were on for about 2 minutes before she said she wanted to go back and swim. sounds good with me. so we drop her off, and then jay took me out for a joy ride. except it wasn't joyful, but scary. he was flooring it, and then the thought crept into my mind..."this is like riding a motorcycle. but on water." i don't do motorcycles. i screamed as he jumped over wakes and clenched on for dear life. it was over with. i'm still alive and doing well. thanks for asking.