Thursday, July 9, 2009

RHs gone wild: day one

and so it begins...the continuation of the best summer ever. thursday, the girls and i met around 1:00pm and headed down to orange beach, al. there were five of us in my car (karla, becca, stacy, brenda, and i) along with our coolers and luggage. we were SO excited. i felt like a high schooler who just got word from my mom that we were in the clear to have a girl's weekend at the beach for spring break. i was given a freedom that i wasn't quite sure what to do with, but the thought of having it was invigorating. the road trip down there was awesome in itself for so many different reasons. let's just say that some had already partaken in some pre-partying festivities so comments that were flying out of everyone's mouths were hysterical. here are some key details:
- the smokehouse and it's shenanigans
- the crotchety old man at the gas station with his random joke that left us running to our car, screaming "go, go, go" and laughing hysterically.
- "she's all paradoxical."
- our hilarious trucker hats that were on sale and too tacky to resist.
- "that's how rumors get started!"
- when karla said, "it's in a beach house...on the beach."
- "it's for ADD...but i don't have ADD."
five hours later after the drive and a quick trip to walmart for groceries, we arrived at our condo. the other girls (keri, gina, lisette, and lynda) were already there getting settled in and had left our key and parking tag with the security guard. as soon as we pulled up, the cop takes one look at brenda and asks if she's been drinking. (which of course, she has.) she responds back with a "no sir" as she quickly panics and rolls up her window. then he laughed at her and said, "well, you need to." whew! i think the whole car busted out into nervous laughter. props to you old man. so we get in and get settled. the place is awesome. thanks jay for finding it for us. the price was a steal, and everyone loved it!once everyone unpacked their groceries, bags, etc., we all decided that we would stay in since the drive wore us out, and also because we knew we'd be partying hard the next two nights out. so brenda had brought her ipod with the BEST beach play list known to man, and we were jammin' like rock stars out on the big balcony. stacy brought her card game "i never" which is very similar to the drinking game "never have i ever." this game provided hours of laughs and gasps. can i just say that i was more than surprised by some of the girls responses. it was awesome. we got to know each other so much more than i ever thought we would that night. i will never forget it. good times, good times!!


Poodlehead said...

I stole a lot of your pics for my blog. I felt disappointed in my blog though since it will never really tell how damn funny everything was.

I forgot that ADD quote. TOO fricking funny.

Karla said...

FNing awesome trip - LOVE these girls! Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. Can't wait for next year!!!

Yankee Belle said...

Night numero uno rocked! I partied like a damn rock star and lived to talk about it...