Saturday, July 11, 2009

RHs gone wild: day three

the sun seemed a bit brighter and harsher on our eyes this morning for some reason. odd, no? so same thing happened as the day before. wake up. breakfast. pool/beach. lunch. but today, we did a bit of some shopping as well. here are some pics by the pool.same routine as the day before with a flurry of girls getting ready to go out to eat for dinner. we heard "the hangout" had yummy food, as well as a great atmosphere so that's where we all mutually decided to go. i was so glad. this place was so much fun. they had the cutest little shops, a live band, interactive fun where stacy got called out to dance on top of a table along with others who had birthdays...there was a contest between three guys on who could peel open and wear a frozen t-shirt the fastest, bubbles, clowns, and so much more.also, here's a picture of all of our matching bracelets that we wore so proudly during the entire weekend. brenda gave them to us as they were "earned." they had words on them such as, "wasted, wrecked, ripped, tanked, sauced, polluted, etc." mine was "polluted," and i wore it with finest dignity.since we all knew that this was our last night, we wanted to do something low key and memorable. so we walked down to the beach late at night and bonded one last time during our stay. we talked about lots of things. serious matters and random jokes. we pondered things and laughed uncontrollably. for example at one point, we almost started holding hands and praying for all the atheists out there. may one day they believe and fill their souls with hope. then, we laughed about singing kumbaya as we turned our cell phones into a bonfire.another thing that stood out in my mind was the discussion of "at what age do we think it's appropriate to let our kids walk on the beach with a friend by themselves?" some said 12-13, 16-17...28. it really made us think. then all of a sudden, two kids come walking past us with flashlights. they were searching for crabs. gina stopped them and asked if they could take our picture for us. they gladly said yes, and then seconds later, the little boy said, "oh, mom and dad are looking at us" to his older sister. we then proceeded to tell them to go back and tell their parents that it was okay. that we were a bunch of moms ourselves and of no harm. we told them that we were just talking about teaching our kids to not talk to strangers and wanted to use them as a test. we laughed as we told them that they failed. not sure if they found the humor in it, but they were some sweet fact, here's a picture of one of the sand crabs that they found for us. i thought it was neat, but some of the girls were freaking out at the thought of one crawling near them. it was hilarious. we talked all night with random shrieks of paranoia, thus giving everyone else the heebie jeebies and calling it a night. ahhh, memories. until next year!!