Friday, July 10, 2009

RHs gone wild: day two

as we laughed ourselves to sleep the night before, we woke up to the sight of this as we stepped outside our balcony. sweetness. i can still smell the ocean.after oversleeping and eating breakfast, we all got ready and headed down to the beach and pool. it was the perfect day for laying out and splashing into the gigantic waves in the ocean. as i laid there in my beach chair, karla maria and i began to talk about how much this vacation felt like we were all in college again. ya know, the whole freedom and spontaneity of it all. the no stress and worry of drowning and screaming kids. the girl time where we all dressed up cuter for each other than we ever do for our hubbies. the feel of companionship and ease in the air. it was nice. really nice.we spent hours soaking up some quality vitamin D, and then we all went back up to our condo to eat some lunch. after everyone ate, some headed back down to continue laying out on the beach while others chilled out and/or took a quick power nap. next thing we know, the time rolls around for everyone to start getting ready for our first night out on the town. can you imagine what it looks like with 9 girls showering, applying make-up, fixing hair, and dressing up all at the same time? surprisingly, it was controlled chaos. there was a system to our madness, and it actually played out we make our way to the infamous "LuLu's" (jimmy buffet's sister's restaurant). the wait called for over 2 hours, but luckily as soon as we got there, we headed to the bar, grabbed some seats, and next thing we know, we are claiming the whole bar top. the bartenders loved us...but not as much as we loved them. the service and food was awesome. not to mention that the drinks were stout and going down fast. and oh, here's a picture of us trying to act super sexy by having our hair blown in front of the ginormous industrial fan there. it was hot. literally.after dinner and purchasing our souvenir t-shirts, we drove on over to the "flora-bama." ahhh, one of my favorite bars ever since high school. the characters in the crowd vary from extreme preppy to toothless rednecks. the place is never ending with room after room added on for some good time expansion.we get our drinks and make our way to do the deed of hanging our bras in the rafters. flora-bama gives to us so we give back. in the words of brenda, "it looked like wash day at the brothel." we have been anticipating this act for months now so we all came prepared. some brought along their bras, sexy panties, and granny panties. me? i brought my favorite nursing bra. it was actually hard to part with it, but i know it will live long and prosper along with all the other naughty lingerie that decorated the ceiling. can i just say that the applause from the crowd while climbing on top of the tables to hang our trophies felt fabulous. i am still snickering to myself as i type...i'm not gonna lie. at this point, we're feeling good. so we round everybody up and head to the live band playing outside. front and center we were. just having a good time and dancing like nobody was watching. there were a couple of crazy crackers trying to squeeze in between all of us girls, but we are no stranger to the hardcore "cock block" method of making fun of them and closing them off. we all have high and fierce standards, and they were at home. more importantly, with our kids.nonetheless, we really enjoyed joking around with all the crazy drunks. it was hilarious when one guy went up to stacy and said, "my friend has never been laid." she quickly responded back with, "he can sell that on ebay." it was classic. i love these girls.lastly, somehow by the end of the night (or shall i say wee hours of the morning), karla and i ended up fully dressed and in the pool. i don't quite remember this, but i'd like to accuse jager for it. for you see, we are no longer friends. he took advantage of me and my memory, and i will never get it back. BUT. at least i have the pictures...