Monday, July 27, 2009

school rules!

this week is the mabster's last week for the summer session at her school. boo. she *loves* going, and now i am forced to find ways to entertain her for the whole month of august until dance and school both start up in early september. so i can't really recall, but i was either super slammed or just plain lazy last week that the thought of celebrating the mabster's birthday at school with her friends completely escaped me. looking back, i honestly felt like a bad mother. no worries though, i am just a week late so we'll let it slide. we can celebrate for the whole month for all i care! :) so i baked a batch of yummy devil's food cupcakes with chocolate icing and added sprinkles for her and all her classmates. she even ate one for breakfast. hey, it's her birthday. it only happens once a year. they were some chocolatey scrumptilous i dropped her off that morning, i handed mrs. lisa my camera and asked her ever so politely if she didn't mind taking some pictures for me since i'm a hardcore scrapbooker. the lady delivered. when i got my camera back and scanned through the pics, i got so incredibly happy. seriously. pictures are my zoloft. no lie. ends up that mrs. lisa had made the mabster a happy birthday crown and sticker to wear.she took pictures of the mabster and her friends both inside the classroom and while out on the playground. i even got some group photos! mrs. lisa is a good woman. needless to say, i was pleasantly surprised. i am so glad i have these to document here. take a gander for your viewing pleasure por favor.these last three are my utmost favorita. look closely, they are all standing beside each other with hands collapsed in prayer form. jesus christ. that's some good stuff. the second one is of the mabster with her BFF. obviously the teachers know that they love each other, or my kid demanded a picture with brooke since she's so use to me taking them. and lastly, we had a party in the parking lot with a couple of leftover cupcakes. we all did a happy dancy dance, and the kids ran around in circles. once we got home, the sugar high took a nosedive and the mabster crashed straight into the couch. happy 3rd birthday!! (again)


Anonymous said...

awww kim your cupcakes make me soooo proud!!!

also, i feel your pain about summer session ending...tys last week is next week and he is home for 3 weeks until the fall session starts up....EEEK!!!! i dont know what i'm gonna do...probably lose my mind!

loved the pics!


Kim said...


we will have to lose our minds together then!! LOL

Yankee Belle said...

Happy Birthday Mabster!!! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

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