Thursday, July 2, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) toshy and i will be going to a pool party playdate today while the mabster is at school. i am really looking forward to it. it is amazing what a HUGE difference there is when you have one babbling baby compared to a running screaming toddler. it's night and day i tell ya.

2.) this past week's death rate was crazy and bizarre. they say it usually comes in 3s, but this time, it just kept coming. ed mcmahon, farrah fawcett, michael jackson, billy mays, city-stages, and the last and only gorilla at the b'ham zoo, all passed away just within days of each other. it's sad. crazy sad.

9.) jason alwyne douglas churns my butter. nuff' said.

3.) it cracks me up to hear the mabster say, "whhhhat?" it reminds me of about 3 years ago when the rapper lil jon would say it. i can't help but respond back with, "okkkaaayy!!"

4.) my neighbor's house got rolled over the weekend. as soon as i saw it, i couldn't help but chuckle to myself. not that i hate my neighbor, but that the kids actually did a fairly decent job. (note to self: this veteran TP Queen can still put the Roll Patrol to shame. i'm sure of it.)

5.) being married to a computer guy has it's advantages, as well as disadvantages: con- he works all the time regardless if he is on vacation or at home or even while driving in the car. pro- job security and overtime.

6.) today marks the beginning of our celebrating for the long 4th of july weekend at the lake. i am SO excited about watching the fireworks while sitting in the boat. the reflections off the water are simply breath-taking, and i know the girls will love it.

7.) dear nominees for the mom of the year award. please, sit down. my sweet baby rolled off the bed yesterday. the prize is mine. i am not proud of it.

8.) jay had an awesome time during his man weekend at the lake last weekend. he was so proud of himself for wake-skating for the first time, and he said everyone was so laid back and chill. he continued to say that everyone just drank and made fun of each other the whole time. ahh, to be a man!

10.) i can't believe that the mabster will be turning three in about 2 more weeks. THREE!! it just sounds so "old" to me. next thing you know, i will be claiming her as my "daughter" and not my "little girl." can somebody please stop the world from spinning?

11.) i feel like my kids noses are always perpetually running. what's up with that?

12.) this day next week, my toes will be in the sand. therefore, don't expect me to be blogging much. instead, please pray for my liver and the bartenders at flora-bama...i don't think they will be ready for a bunch of moms who are out on the town with no kids or hubbies. this may get dangerous.

and lastly,

13.) i love watching the mabster and toshy play together. they are so wonderfully sweet to each other. i'm sure their sweet interaction won't last long. soon they'll be fighting and pulling hair over the same barbie...but that's the great thing about sisters.