Thursday, July 9, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) jay makes fun of me because my "wordless wednesdays" are no longer wordless. i told him that i've never been one to keep quiet especially without details. seriously. then he suggested that i should change the title to "wordy wednesdays." hmmm. maybe he has something here...

2.) the dollar tree is the best damn place to go when searching for fun stuff to put in goody bags for a kid's birthday party. talk about "BARGAIN!!"

3.) our friends sue and leo are finally engaged! yippee, congrats you guys!!

4.) we're leaving for our GIRL'S BEACH TRIP today. no kids. no hubbies. 3 nights. 10 girls. 1 awesome condo. florabama. sand. music. bras in the rafters. beach. massive amounts of etoh. and lots of necrotic livers. jesus christ. i am shaking just thinking about it!! :)

5.) tita karmie came over earlier this week and watched the girls for me while i ran some quick errands. she played outside on the trampoline with the mabster and even gave her a bubble bath after wards. thank you for the quality time with the girls, tita karmie. the mabster resurrected and sang the tita karmie song after you left.

6.) it's so funny watching little toshy do the same things that the mabster use to do at her age. like crawl to the door, grab the blinds, and try to shake them merciless. the baby proofing that seemed so long ago is back. and in full force.

7.) i heart the nan. she spoils my girls with super cute handmade outfits, and i absolutely *love* seeing them wear them. thank you, nan!

8.) i cleaned the stew out of my car earlier this week. vacuumed out 2 pounds of sand from marco only to replace it with 5 pounds more after this weekend. big bertha is ready.

9.) monday night, karla and i ate dinner at jackson's in homewood with our friend, talley. we usually try to eat dinner with each other every month so that we can catch up with each other. we really enjoy these dinners because it makes you feel like some things will never change. our comfortable close friendship will always remain.

10.) toshy can tear up a biter biscuit. dude. it doesn't stand a chance once it's in her hands.

11.) this week has been filled with running 50 million errands all day. tuesday, i ran around from 8:30am to 3:00pm. i was spent. but damn it feels good knowing i won't have to be rushed and worried about stuff come next week.

12.) i came home the other night to both girls asleep with daddy on the couch. they were ALL snoring so loudly. i swear, there was probably no oxygen left in the room from all of them sucking it out. at least they get it honest.

and lastly,

13.) how crazy is it that at old navy, their bathing suits are located right beside the fall/winter coats? i was confused. i lubs me some fall, but i am not quite ready for this summer to be over with. it's just been too good to me.