Thursday, July 16, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) dolly parton's imagination library has done it again! the other day in the mail, the mabster received her free book. to our surprise, it was a sequel to one of her favorites (llama llama red pajama). this book however, was about a meltdown at the shop-o-rama. i have read it numerous times already. looks like llama llama mad at mama is now a new favorite.

2.) today after i drop the mabster off at school, toshy and i are headed to a "British Tea Party" at kiffany's house. her mom is visiting from england and wants to have us all over for tea and a fun craft. this should be fun.

3.) seems like the second round of the baby wave is here. everybody's popping up prego...don't drink the water!!

4.) so while i was gone at the beach last weekend, jay took the girls to the mcwane center, lunch, and grocery shopping all in one day. he said he didn't want to complain to me since i do stuff like that every day, but it was hard. then, he told me that he forgot the stroller, and i replied back with, "mcwane on a friday + 2 kids + diaper bag - a stroller = cardio & weights." jiu jitsu eat your heart out. bless his heart. A for effort. no doubt.

5.) lyla's on a new kick where she just randomly starts screaming for no reason. i. love. it.

6.) my body is so achy and sore. what's up with that? surely it can't be a sign of over-doing it, right? nahhh. give me a motrin because i've gotta go, go, go!!

7.) the mabster is turning THREE next monday, and little lyla will be ONE in less than a month. yowzas!! when did this happen!?!

8.) this weekend is slammed. saturday alone, we will be jumping from a birthday party to a "slip 'n' swine" party to a roller derby match. oh. i'm excited.

9.) auntie jess is coming into town today along with blake on friday. i cleaned out and washed the "suite a la jess" bedsheets the other day only to find her panties in them. NICE. i heart surprises. bwah, hahaha!! (she may kill me if she reads this.)

10.) to hear your hubster tell you how much he loves and appreciates everything you do as a mother and wife feels good. because in all honesty, even though i play it off like it's a walk in the park, most days it's far from it. i get frazzled and flustered just like every mom. so when he puts himself in my shoes and recognizes it, i love him TEN TIMES more for it. you're a good man, charlie brown.

11.) my butt needs to be back in the gym. i know body pump has missed me because i am missing it. workout routine begins monday. that's an order.

12.) we're having the mabster's birthday party tomorrow night, and i am already ready already. i can't wait to watch her tear open into her gifts since this year she is capable of doing so. the theme is "life's a beach." if only we could have brought some sand back with us...

and lastly,

13.) i don't think little lyla can get any cuter when she says, "byyyyeee" as she waves bye-bye. i love that kid.


Becca said...

baby princess fell asleep reading "llama llama mad at mama" a few nights ago. :)

Kim said...

awwww. next time, she is here, we'll get "uncle jay" to read it to her too! hehe.