Thursday, July 23, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) holy crappit, i almost completely forgot about doing these. i can't believe it's already thursday. thank you, sweet baby jesus!! okay, i'm gonna try and bust these out fast...

2.) this morning while on the way of dropping off the mabster at school, i accidentally ran over a squirrel while toshy screamed her head off in the back seat all while listening to "had a bad day." convenient, no? i'm headed back to bed.

3.) so i've been watching nyc prep on the bravo channel here lately. taylor is my favorite girl. she seems like an all around good girl who doesn't care to chase around the guys. which only makes them want her more. i hope the mabster is like that one day.

4.) it usually takes a lot to get lyla to giggle. however, now she has found them, and she'll just crawl around giggling at herself. the sound is music to my ears.

5.) jay has earned yet another stripe in jiu jitsu the other day. that makes 3 stripes on his white belt, and it makes him so excited. congrats, dork.

6.) we're having our annual family reunion in cullman on sunday. i actually really like these kinda things.

7.) lyla's bff (claire's) birthday party is this weekend at tony and maloney's house. i texted them the other day to ask what she wanted, only to get "a pony" texted back. so now i'm off to buy a miniature "my little pony." be careful what you wish for.

8.) we're headed to the splash pad tomorrow for lots of fun with all of the mabster's friends. the turn out for that place still amazes me. love it.

9.) i think mayor lala is mentally unstable. with his unicorns and all.

10.) the girl's allergies have been acting up this week which makes for more fussiness than the usual. it's been wearing me out. the only possible pro about it is that bedtime has been super early. cheers to that!

11.) today i plan to do nothing. absolutely nothing, but hold down the couch. this headache deserves it. :)

12.) i love watching lyla pick up the telephone and hold it to her ear as if she is talking on it. she loves it. i remember at that age, the mabster loved the remote control. not this one. the telephone is her passion.

and lastly,

13.) we went to the open play at pump it up in pelham yesterday. i guess everyone had the same idea as we did on such a rainy day because the place was a madhouse. mad. house.