Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) little toshy seems to be getting into any and every thing right now. i've had to bust out her middle name more than a couple of times while telling her no. now the mabster thinks it's funny and walks around the house saying, "lyla scarlett!!"

2.) the old man in speedos who walks around the track while we do yoga seems to really enjoy taking a water break while we perform the "frog" pose. hmmmmm...

3.) while the mabster was eating a ring pop the other day, she set it on the table and lyla quickly grabbed. she thought it was a binkie until she put it in her mouth and discovered that it had a yummy cherry flavor. she started bopping her head and going nutso. needless to say, the mabster had a hard time getting it back.

4.) i cannot seem to type correctly lately. it's like my mind is thinking faster than i can type. what's up with that?

5.) as of last week, jay has started playing tennis during his lunch breaks with a few of his coworkers. he now wants me to take up the sport with him. i told him only if i can wear a shnazzy headband with matching wristbands. that's hot.

6.) the mabster has been so easily entertained this week thanks to all the make-up and huge coloring book set that nana lin gave her. it's been nice actually...until she paints her feet with make-up and walks on the carpet. ack!

7.) why is it that it never fails that if i am going out to dinner with friends and have 50 million things to do beforehand, the girls both eighty-six their naps and are just pure hot messes. BUT as soon as jay gets home, they are perfect, worn out, and ready for bed. it's like they know. they smell it when they first wake up in the morning. "mommy's going out tonight so we'll be extra good for daddy." never. fails.

8.) i think the "dead bug" pose in yoga should be appropriately renamed to "spread eagle." after showing the hubster what it looked like, he agreed. it is what it is.

9.) if toshy pulls off another door stopper and tries to quickly eat it, i will be fast approaching an early grave. there's only so much mouthal side swiping i can do in a day. i believe i have finally hidden every single one in the house. except for in the man cave.

10.) sadly enough to say, the mabster can out snore her daddy. yeah. it's pretty bad.

11.) i am excited about this weekend starting off with a playdate at heather's house. i love play dates within one's home. it just seems so much more relaxed and comfortable. plus, all our kids know each other so there's no random older kid running over the babies and toddlers.

12.) writing thank you notes for the mabster's birthday party followed by quickly sending out invitations for lyla's birthday party is stressful. my hand is going to fall off from just addressing them alone. next kid will definitely have to be a winter baby. i'm just sayin.

and lastly,

13.) i LUBS a good rainy day being cuddled up with my girls and watching cartoons on the couch. with the blinds open providing that natural light to come in, it's almost like a relaxing staycation. it's good for my soul.


Jamie said...

#9 HAHA!! Every one of them in my house has been taken off (and not put back on-even though I trust her at this age) HUGE scare will do it to even the laid back moms!

Yankee Belle said...

I replaced all of mine with a solid stopper. ANd tennis...that rewuires too much running. WHat is he thinking?!?! =P

Kim said...

jamie, i might as well leave them off for the next few years too. you'd think they'd make them super hard to pull off, but all she has to do is look at it, and it falls off...and into her mouth. ay, yi, yi!

and stacy, yes. tennis. clearly, he is NOT thinking. :)