Wednesday, July 15, 2009

we'll miss you, anne!

tonight, some of the girls met at Sumo's for a last farewell dinner with one of our good friends, anne. we met through the moms group about 2+ years ago, and this girl has always been more than just a helping hand. anne will be moving back to south indiana in about a week where her hubby will be starting his new job. i am going to miss her, but thankfully, i can still keep up with her by following her blog.dinner was wonderful with lots of laughs as our chef made jokes non-stop. he even claimed to be filipino and spoke some tagalog with us...of course, karla maria would have to bust out the dirty words first. later, he revealed that he was really from indonesia, but he had a lot of filipino friends (they must have taught him the dirty words too). needless to say, it was a great night with great here's to you, anne! we wish you lots of health, happiness, and success. and don't forget to give us a call whenever you come to visit. also, i will hold you up to keeping your word for coming to the july 2010 beach throwdown. ;) we're gonna miss you!!


Hill Family said...

I had so much fun last night! I am soooo going to miss all you girls. :(