Tuesday, July 21, 2009

yoga yoga

today after i dropped the mabster off at school, i met up at the gym with stacy, stacey t., and maggie. we checked the babies into the nursery and headed to the yoga class. okay. so this was my very first yoga class, and i'll admit, i did not know what to expect. all i know is that i really wanted to try it considering i feel like my body is getting old and stiff. also i've noticed that at times, my posture resembles that of a hunchback, and mommy no likey.

so we get started. as soon as i did some spinal twists, i felt and heard my back pop all the way up. tension released. it was fabulous. throughout the 60 minute class, we performed many yoga postures. some of the names i remembered were the "downward facing dog, the snake, the frog, the mountain, the warrior, and the child's pose." some were super challenging, especially if balance is required. flexibility and balance don't work well with me. even more so if it's at the same time. but hey, at least i have a sense of humor and can laugh at myself.

the stretches and meditation of it all was much needed. finally at the end of the class, we performed "the corpse" for about 5 minutes, and i swear i almost dozed off. it was conscious relaxation at it's peak. i felt like limber lucy. so we all enjoyed the class, picked up the babies at the nursery, met for mexican and margaritas (nice, huh?), and then bought our very own yoga mats and pants. we plan to make this a routine since we enjoyed it so much. right now we have high hopes of trying it all. for example, "yogalates" which combines yoga and pilates sounds like it will be even better. who knows, maybe some zumba classes will be next!