Monday, August 31, 2009

why? why? why?

the mabster has entered into the "why?" phase. it's entertaining. it's exhausting. it's laughable. it's just plain brain-picking amusing. every day (possibly 10 times a day), we have an in depth conversation as to why something is the way it is. the gal is inquisitive at best. and by inquisitive, i mean curious as a kitten.

so for your entertaining pleasure i have provided two sample dialogues between the mabster and i. the first one is an example of how quickly she is to continuously quiz me if the answer is short, sweet, and simple. the latter dialogue displays how a discussion exists when it's the end of the day, and i'm tired of hearing, "why?" this method is daddy's absolute favorite. it seems to be that if i provide a long lengthy detailed answer that is so far completely over her head...i get the best possible answer ever. and so it begins...

(example #1)

the mabster:
why is it raining?

me: because God is sad and He's crying.

the mabster:
why is God sad?

me: because james spann is an idiot. umm, i mean, not very smart.

the mabster:
why is he not smart?

i don't know. maybe he wasn't read to much as a child.

the mabster:
no bedtime stories?

me: nope.

the mabster:

me: because he asked too many questions.

the mabster: why did he ask too many questions? (you get the idea...)

(example #2)

the mabster:
why is it raining?

me: because the relative humidity is at 100 percent or very close to it. for you see, a typical rainy day might be generated by a relatively gentle upward motion a couple centimeters per second. that would normally occur over 12 or 24 hours, possibly longer. the intensity of the precipitation would be directly related to the magnitude of that rising motion. the sky would first be covered by cirrus clouds, which would then thicken, lower, and eventually lead to nimbostratus clouds.

the mabster: oh. (and just like that...silence)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

family bonding

what do you do on a rainy day while at the lake? just ask the kids...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

happy birthday, aidan!

saturday morning rolls around, and it's time for yet another pool party. (we were honestly tempted to just fall asleep in our bathing suits.) it was aidan's 5th birthday party from 9:30-11:30am, and we were all excited that the weather cooperated for us. it was a beautiful morning full of sunshine. so we get there, and the first thing toshy goes after are the sausage balls...i think she ate 4 just as we were getting settled in and saying our hellos to everyone. we go outside and swim for a bit, and then head back into the clubhouse to sing happy birthday to aidan. check out his cake. momma christi made it herself, and yes, the volcano even had smoke come out of it. it was awesome! after eating cake, we all headed back outside for some more swimming. we had such a great time. happy 5th birthday, aidan!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

happy birthday, charlie!

friday night, we got the girls ready for a pool party in honor of charlie's 5th birthday. the party was from 6:00-9:00pm, and it was super fun. the first hour, it rained so everyone met inside the clubhouse where we enjoyed eating grilled hot dogs and the such while the kids played with toys and a game of twister. soon after, we all sang happy birthday to charlie, ate cake, and then watched as he opened up his presents. once the usually birthday routines were done, the rain had stopped so we all headed right outside to the pool. the guys wheeled out their coolers and were set. i almost forgot how nice it is to go swimming at night. overall, it was a blast. happy 5th birthday, charlie!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster is addicted to watching "the little mermaid" right now. and by addicted, i mean strung-out and hooked. she has to watch it while in the car. and if either jay or i have our computers out, she makes us youtube a video clip of ariel singing. she sings with her. she knows the words. it's pretty darn cute.

2.) this week was the final weigh-in for our family's biggest loser competition. if you couldn't tell by the pics, it's an obvious answer as to who won. (drum roll please) and the winner is...KARMIE!! no one could catch her or even came close. i believe she lost 53 pounds in 12 weeks. holyshat. CONGRATS, KARMIE!! now go use your cash winnings and take yourself to a buffet. you deserve it! :)

3.) the mabster has an imaginary friend. her name is "rayla" and she likes to discipline her. it's hilarious to listen to her tell me that she had to "spank rayla's bum-bum and put her in time-out because she wouldn't share." well then.

4.) our local wal-mart is in the process of remodeling. everything. all the aisles are all messed up. what once was the clothing section is now where the pharmacy sits. it's crazy. just when i mastered where everything is located, they pull this one over my eyes. damn you, wally world.

5.) dear limber lucy, i thoroughly enjoyed your yoga class on tuesday although i have one small complaint. your swift movements into each pose make me feel inadequate. slow it down. i'm a visual learner and didn't see that middle step that turned you into a pretzel. let's work on that, eh? yours truly, ~K

6.) whenever lola comes over to watch the girls for us, they all enjoy pulling out my scrapbooks and looking through them. lola told us that the mabster will point to a picture of daddy and i and say, "look, they're kissing because they love each other." lola just laughs and thinks it's the cutest thing ever.

7.) this weekend is going to be slammed packed busy. friday night is a birthday pool party followed by saturday morning with another pool birthday party. and then immediately after, we will be making our way to the lake. i think i should just sleep in my bathing suit. can't wait!

8.) the other day, i had the golden opportunity of climbing up to the very top of chick-fil-a's playground tunnels only to rescue the mabster who cried hysterically in a corner because she was scared. stacy laughed at me the whole time. meanwhile, i laughed in between bouts of cursing under my breath. oy vey!

9.) the other night while we all sat on the sofa, someone let out the hugest nastiest rumbling fart ever. i quickly said, "who did that!?" and the mabster replies with a smile and says, "me." then, daddy laughs as they high five each other. okay. this is SO not right. in this case, do NOT take one for the team. i'm just sayin'

10.) every night this week after the girls go to bed, jay and i have been staying up later than the usual just so we can watch mama mia in the privacy of our own bed. it reminds us so much of the first time we saw that musical while in vegas. definitely our favorite to date. i lubs it.

11.) lyla is pointing at everything now as she says, "that." it's super cute. oh, and since we've been listening to a lot of music lately, she will stand there singing her heart out in the cutest little babble ever. i have even caught it on video tape. must upload soon.

12.) i really enjoy hosting playdates at our house, but in all honesty, i really don't understand why i bother cleaning. i mean, why put all the toys up when all the kids are just gonna take them all out all over again? ahh, good times.

and lastly,

13.) the mabster has been pulling the flowers out of our decorative pot, making a bouquet out of them, and then proceeds to hold them close to her chest. she then looks at us and says, "i'm getting married." whooooa now. hold up, sister. not for another 20 years should that thought ever cross your mind. we're saving for your education before your wedding. eek.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a playdate with playmates

today, i hosted a playdate at our house. the mabster and lyla's friends all came over, and everyone had a blast. here are some pics. lastly, thank you to everyone who came and thanks for helping me clean up in a quick flurry. once everyone left, you couldn't even tell that destruction had previously taken place. here's a before...and after...

wordless wednesday

abby bug with daddy
lyla bug with daddy

Monday, August 24, 2009

10+ years



Saturday, August 22, 2009

JC class of '99 reunion

saturday, we get ready and head to nat's house for some pre-drinking before going to the reunion. all of our hubbies have met and known each other for some time now so it made everything super relaxed and easy. for both genders. the girls gossiped and tried on different dresses while the guys laughed at us, talked football, and drank beer. here's a "before" picture of the girls ready to go at nat's we arrive at park lane in mountain brook closer to 8:00pm. again, we hate arriving early to things. start time was 7:00pm. being casually late never felt so good. we head to the bar, start a tab, chat it up with friends, and introduce our significant others. at this point, we're all feeling good. this next picture is of "the spousal table." thank gawd our hubbies all you knew each other. they sat there for the majority of the night while us girls ran around yapping our mouths and having a grand ole time.then everyone ate dinner, continued drinking, and the dancing began. the funniest damn thing though was that the DJ man (yeah, a fakkin' DJ...tix to the reunion were about 70 bucks a pop and we couldn't even get a live band!? i digress.) anywayz, so the DJ brought his whole family to this event. yes, including his kids. so what does karla maria do? she hands him a piece of paper with her song requests that consisted of "pussy control," "back that ass up," and kilo's "love in your mouth." it was hilarious. that'll learn ya, buddy! next time keep the kids at home. just because we went to catholic school doesn't mean we don't get down and dirty to some old school prince. here are some pics...this next picture was taken in honor of st. barnabas school. it's jeff, jennifer, me, karla, and john. we went to school from kindergarten to senior year together, and we simply could not resist getting an SBS picture taken. we even chanted, "SBS go, fight, win! GOOO RAIDERS!!" just for old times sake. again, at this point, we're all feeling really park lane is trying to boot us all out. it's close to midnight and nobody wants to go home. instead, we all walked across the street to billy's and continue the drunken fun. everyone was buying each other drinks and next thing i know, i'm throwing back shots of patron. not a good sign. diarrhea of the mouth was in full force, and i might have said some things that were inappropriate. for example, i'm sure jan quails will never forget me telling her that "i'd go gay just for her." i've missed that girl. so i told lola that we'd be home around 12:30am. it's sneaking up on 2:00am and for a hot minute, i felt like i was still in high school. worried that i was going to get in trouble for breaking curfew. luckily, lola is a night owl and super cool. jay drove us home (while i passed out in the passenger seat), and there is lola and the mabster asleep on the couch. i am reminded of my current life and how blessed i am. it felt good coming home and seeing that. here are some pics while at billy's...overall, this weekend filled with high school reunion festivities was a complete utter success. i really enjoyed it. i think we all did. i filled jay in with all the past, present, and future gossip of everything, and now i believe that he can pick one of my old classmates out of a crowd. i was so happy and proud to have him there beside me. honestly, it felt even better after talking with an old high school crush, and then looking at the man i married. i'm not gonna lie, but i've out done myself. he is just so gloriously brilliant compared to what i once thought was the cat's meow. i loves you, jason alwyne douglas.

Friday, August 21, 2009

blast from the past

this weekend came and went in a crazy fun flurry. the reason being is because it was time to celebrate our 10 year high school reunion. oh yes, john carroll's class of 1999 has been receiving e-mails for the past couple months pumping us all up for the big event. the weekend consisted of two nights of partying.

this first night was kinda like a little "meet and greet" ordeal. we decided to make this one a girl's night since we knew our hubbies didn't really care to stand there and make small talk to people they don't even know. they were happy with this idea and so were we. so karla, nat, merc, and i all decided to eat at jackson's in homewood before heading out. over dinner, we all compared notes on what we knew about specific classmates and even played a game of "i wonder what xyz is doing now?" or "is the hot guy still short, but now bald?" here's a picture of us at we get a little socially lubricated with a couple of drinks and laughter at dinner and then head to the the wine loft downtown around 9:30ish (casually late, of course). before i begin, let me start by saying that in high school, i was the social butterfly type. for the most part, i got along with everybody and there's not one single person that i can say i "hated." odd, no? don't get me wrong, there's always the snooty girl who thinks she's too good to talk to anyone outside her own inner circle of bitches...but karla and i even got along with them too. we're just social creatures by habit and like to have fun. so be it. not unless you've said/done shit behind our backs, you're still good in our book. oh, and the dorks? we loved them. anywayz, here are some random pics...the night was pretty damn fun. the whole "icebreaker" night went much better than i ever expected it to. i got to talk with some awesome friends that are surprisingly still the exact same. the question of the night was, "got babies?" and everyone knew my answer thanks to facebook. some admittedly said that they stalk me on the FB and love all the pictures. mentions of the mabster and supper club prom were discussed, and i even received a compliment on how much they loved the name of our moms group "the real housewives of birmingham." it was awesome. i usual feel super awkward when my ego is stroked, but it did feel nice knowing old friends cared enough to even look. see the guy that karla and i are giving a "twinkie sandwich" to? yeah, that's jeff sherrill. we've known him since kindergarten, and he still makes me laugh.all in all, it was a super fun night. i actually really liked how they made this two nights so that you can get all the generic questions out of the way so that we can all partay at the actual reunion. to be continued...