Friday, August 21, 2009

blast from the past

this weekend came and went in a crazy fun flurry. the reason being is because it was time to celebrate our 10 year high school reunion. oh yes, john carroll's class of 1999 has been receiving e-mails for the past couple months pumping us all up for the big event. the weekend consisted of two nights of partying.

this first night was kinda like a little "meet and greet" ordeal. we decided to make this one a girl's night since we knew our hubbies didn't really care to stand there and make small talk to people they don't even know. they were happy with this idea and so were we. so karla, nat, merc, and i all decided to eat at jackson's in homewood before heading out. over dinner, we all compared notes on what we knew about specific classmates and even played a game of "i wonder what xyz is doing now?" or "is the hot guy still short, but now bald?" here's a picture of us at we get a little socially lubricated with a couple of drinks and laughter at dinner and then head to the the wine loft downtown around 9:30ish (casually late, of course). before i begin, let me start by saying that in high school, i was the social butterfly type. for the most part, i got along with everybody and there's not one single person that i can say i "hated." odd, no? don't get me wrong, there's always the snooty girl who thinks she's too good to talk to anyone outside her own inner circle of bitches...but karla and i even got along with them too. we're just social creatures by habit and like to have fun. so be it. not unless you've said/done shit behind our backs, you're still good in our book. oh, and the dorks? we loved them. anywayz, here are some random pics...the night was pretty damn fun. the whole "icebreaker" night went much better than i ever expected it to. i got to talk with some awesome friends that are surprisingly still the exact same. the question of the night was, "got babies?" and everyone knew my answer thanks to facebook. some admittedly said that they stalk me on the FB and love all the pictures. mentions of the mabster and supper club prom were discussed, and i even received a compliment on how much they loved the name of our moms group "the real housewives of birmingham." it was awesome. i usual feel super awkward when my ego is stroked, but it did feel nice knowing old friends cared enough to even look. see the guy that karla and i are giving a "twinkie sandwich" to? yeah, that's jeff sherrill. we've known him since kindergarten, and he still makes me laugh.all in all, it was a super fun night. i actually really liked how they made this two nights so that you can get all the generic questions out of the way so that we can all partay at the actual reunion. to be continued...