Thursday, August 6, 2009

floatapalooza 2009

today, stacy, karla, and i hosted a play date at the lake. we limited the number so that it was manageable, and i even sweet talked jay into skipping work so that he could take us all out on the boat. jay then sweet talked stace's hubby, cory, into coming up as well since the more "man hands," the better. also, lola and pawpaw came up for the day and enjoyed watching all the kids play with the least bit of drama ever. it's nice knowing your kid can spit off all her friends names and look forward to "sharing" with them. so once everyone arrived, we headed down to the dock for some swimming. later, we walked back upstairs for some lunch. we provided chicken nuggets and tater tots for the kids, as well as juice boxes and drinks. everyone else brought up a dish to share. we ate, let the kids play, and then headed back down to the this is where the hubbies came into play. the kids wanted to go tubing so jay took all of us out while the fun continued. we had the perfect number, and everyone fit comfortably on the boat. the moms rotated on taking turns with the kids while tubing. it was such a nice day. honestly, i don't think the weather could have been any better for us. "look ma, no hands!!"so after the tubing ceased, we all jumped in for another quick swim (aka bathroom break). the water was so extremely calm considering it was a week day and no other boaters were out. the surface of the lake looked like glass. it was beautiful. later, we found pawpaw swimming around too, and it was hilarious. as the kids would say, "we caught a pawpaw!"then, jay drove us all to rock creek marina where we filled up on gas, let the kids feed the huge fishies with crackers, and rewarded them with ring pops for the boat ride back. jay even attempted to feed a fish a cracker by holding it in his mouth. the kids loved it.all around it was a great day, and it seemed to fly by. furthermore, now the guys want to be mr. moms. hopefully, they won't steal our jobs because i'm not going to lie, it's a pretty good gig with a whole lot of perks. it's a job i wouldn't trade for the world. so thank you, jay, for always showing us a good time, and thank you to everyone who came. we had a blast!