Saturday, August 15, 2009

happy birthday, anna!

saturday morning, we headed to another birthday party in honor of anna who had turned four. the party was at jumpin' jax in chelsea, and it was a blast. the mabster loves huge inflatables, and the ones there were super fun with lots of mazes and slides. i hate that some of the pics turned out blurry, but i guess that's what happens when i can't keep up with the speed of all the fun. here are some pics...after the kids enjoyed jumping around in the large two rooms, momma mandy gathered everyone up for a group picture. she forgot her camera, but luckily she has friends with theirs surgically attached at all times. later, we all moved to another room where popcorn, cake, and ice cream were served after singing happy birthday to anna. then the kids were given goody bags and free tokens so that they could play in the arcade. after the mabster won tickets by pounding down the bugs with a hammer, she turned in her tickets for a special prize. it was a lot of fun. happy 4th birthday, anna!