Saturday, August 22, 2009

JC class of '99 reunion

saturday, we get ready and head to nat's house for some pre-drinking before going to the reunion. all of our hubbies have met and known each other for some time now so it made everything super relaxed and easy. for both genders. the girls gossiped and tried on different dresses while the guys laughed at us, talked football, and drank beer. here's a "before" picture of the girls ready to go at nat's we arrive at park lane in mountain brook closer to 8:00pm. again, we hate arriving early to things. start time was 7:00pm. being casually late never felt so good. we head to the bar, start a tab, chat it up with friends, and introduce our significant others. at this point, we're all feeling good. this next picture is of "the spousal table." thank gawd our hubbies all you knew each other. they sat there for the majority of the night while us girls ran around yapping our mouths and having a grand ole time.then everyone ate dinner, continued drinking, and the dancing began. the funniest damn thing though was that the DJ man (yeah, a fakkin' DJ...tix to the reunion were about 70 bucks a pop and we couldn't even get a live band!? i digress.) anywayz, so the DJ brought his whole family to this event. yes, including his kids. so what does karla maria do? she hands him a piece of paper with her song requests that consisted of "pussy control," "back that ass up," and kilo's "love in your mouth." it was hilarious. that'll learn ya, buddy! next time keep the kids at home. just because we went to catholic school doesn't mean we don't get down and dirty to some old school prince. here are some pics...this next picture was taken in honor of st. barnabas school. it's jeff, jennifer, me, karla, and john. we went to school from kindergarten to senior year together, and we simply could not resist getting an SBS picture taken. we even chanted, "SBS go, fight, win! GOOO RAIDERS!!" just for old times sake. again, at this point, we're all feeling really park lane is trying to boot us all out. it's close to midnight and nobody wants to go home. instead, we all walked across the street to billy's and continue the drunken fun. everyone was buying each other drinks and next thing i know, i'm throwing back shots of patron. not a good sign. diarrhea of the mouth was in full force, and i might have said some things that were inappropriate. for example, i'm sure jan quails will never forget me telling her that "i'd go gay just for her." i've missed that girl. so i told lola that we'd be home around 12:30am. it's sneaking up on 2:00am and for a hot minute, i felt like i was still in high school. worried that i was going to get in trouble for breaking curfew. luckily, lola is a night owl and super cool. jay drove us home (while i passed out in the passenger seat), and there is lola and the mabster asleep on the couch. i am reminded of my current life and how blessed i am. it felt good coming home and seeing that. here are some pics while at billy's...overall, this weekend filled with high school reunion festivities was a complete utter success. i really enjoyed it. i think we all did. i filled jay in with all the past, present, and future gossip of everything, and now i believe that he can pick one of my old classmates out of a crowd. i was so happy and proud to have him there beside me. honestly, it felt even better after talking with an old high school crush, and then looking at the man i married. i'm not gonna lie, but i've out done myself. he is just so gloriously brilliant compared to what i once thought was the cat's meow. i loves you, jason alwyne douglas.