Saturday, August 8, 2009

"laughter is the best medicine"

saturday night, jay and i met up with some friends (becca, tyler, heather, and matt) at the comedy club to watch jim breuer. yes that's right, SNL's "goat boy." the show started at 7:30pm, but we met up an hour before so that we could enjoy dinner before the show. we all ordered tickets at the same time and were able to all sit at the same table. i was so excited and in desperate need of a good drink followed by a good laugh.okay, so jim breuer is absolutely most positively the BEST stand-up comedian i have ever seen at the stardome. i laughed so hard that i couldn't breathe. i swear my cheeks started cramping, and i was led to tears repeatedly. when he walked out on stage and gave his best mayor lala impersonation and said, "these are some hard working birmingham people...let me find a way to screw them. we need a dome. forget about the zoo. put a man in a gorilla suit and here's a donkey..." after that intro, i knew it was going to be a good show. also, i loved the fact that he had 3 girls and spent most of the time making fun of his family life. good gawd, it hit home for jay and i so much. i'd laugh so hard while looking across the table at jay all while he's giving me a look like, "that's so us." i loved it. it's amazing how much hilarity there is in the simple truth, especially when it's something you can relate to. i totally, utterly, completely, (truly, madly, deeply...savage garden, anyone?) NEEDED that laugh. afterwards, we all headed out to iron horse for some more drinks. we ran into some other friends and listened to the band deputy 5 play. all in all, it was an awesome night.