Friday, August 14, 2009

Lyla's 1st Birthday Party!

before i begin, the first picture that i posted below is of the sweet birthday girl and her big sister with the nan. the girls are wearing their cute little cupcake pillowcase dresses that the nan made just for them that tied in with the theme of the party. thank you, nan! also, shout out to my dear wonderful friend, amy, for baking all of the scrumptiously delicious cupcake cookies that were placed in the goody bags. she also sent home a bagful for just us, and i am not kidding when i say that they are already gone. this girl is like betty crocker on crack. thank you, amy!we celebrated lyla's first birthday party at the splash pad on friday night from 6:00-8:00pm. we figured since it was a hit with the mabster's, why not have a quick and easy repeat? same menu, same friends and family, same type of birthday cake, same location...just a different theme with added heat and humidity this go round. august is about to kill me. seriously. i think my hypothalamus broke because my face was purple from the heat before the party even started. and jay? his shirt turned into a powdered gray color to dark gray the minute he walked into the park. after viewing the pictures, it looks like we were the only ones affected by it. maybe it was the added stress of hostessing. who knows. nonetheless, the water felt fabulous and i used any excuse i could to go over to the the springs to splash lyla and myself. here are some pics...everyone ate and played until it was time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake. lyla tore into her smash cake and was immediately covered in chocolate. it was the cutest thing watching her, and i'm so glad tony was there to catch it on video for us. as nana lin says, "she is the best cake-eater ever!" lyla is definitely not shy and picky like her big sister. she makes me so proud. i love my lil cupcake. happy first birthday, lyla!!


Anonymous said...

it was my pleasure! happy 1st birthday lyla! you're a doll baby!!

love you all!


Kim said...

we love you guys more!!