Tuesday, August 18, 2009

movie review: The Time Traveler's Wife

tonight, i met up with the girls for a dinner/book club/movie night. first, we ate dinner at Sekisui for some yummy salad, soup, and sushi, and then headed to the movie theater quickly after wards since it was within walking distance. we chose to see The Time Traveler's Wife and were warned beforehand to bring lots of tissues. with that said, we practically took up a whole row in the back of the theater.

so i won't even begin to try and explain the movie since i'm sure i will reveal more than just a spoiler alert. but i will say this...i loved it. i teared up a couple of times at some super sweet and sappy parts. however at one point, the flood gates opened, and i was sobbing uncontrollably. i hate crying in front of people, but i do love a good cleansing cry every now and then. so while i was trying hard to keep my tears quietly to myself, i somewhat forgot to breathe which left me gasping for air. then, our whole row starts laughing and crying at the same time, and everyone is trying to pass me more tissues. it was pretty funny.

overall, the movie made me want to get home and cuddle with my babies (yes, jay included). i don't know what i would do without them here with me. ahh, timeless love. so go out and see it if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

i want to see that movie so bad,but i guess i'll wait to see it when i can watch it at home....i prefer crying like a baby in the comfort of my own home! thanks for the warning!


Kim said...

definitely watch it at home...have a big bucket of ice cream ready too! :)