Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a new 'do

today, we took the mabster to sweet and sassy for her very first haircut. who would have thought that after 3 years, i'd finally break down and get it cut. i adored her sweet little baby curls that would turn into ringlets at the end, but they were just getting too fierce to keep up with. lately, it seemed that trying to make it cute was out of the question. i'd throw it up in a ponytail and be done with it. especially in this heat. so i called up jay this morning, gave the phone to the mabster and told her to say, "daddy, my hair is too long and nappy." he laughed and met us there. i was rather quite excited. here is a before and after picture of the back of her head.camille was her stylist and did a wonderful job. she took off 6 inches per my request. i wanted to cut off the straggly ends, but was not ready for a bob cut. not yet. i love long hair. i know i sound like my dad because he always hated it when we'd get our hair cut short. so i kept it at still a long length, but healthier. the mabster did so good. she just sat there quietly as we all made a big fuss over her getting pampered.after the last strand of hair was cut, camille sprayed some pretty glitter in her hair that smelled like cupcakes. she also added a sparkly star to her cheek and made a dated certificate with a small bag of her locks attached as a keepsake. she also got to pick out a sucker for being such a sassy diva. where was this kind of stuff when i was a kid? the whole experience was super fun. here are some pics...my baby and curls no more. it's now just wavy and semi-long. i swear, she looks as if she's 3 going on 13. where did my little girl go?