Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh, to dream!

last sunday, stacy and i went to ross bridge to take a gander at one of their sales. after wards, we couldn't resist cruising around the neighborhood and stopping at any open houses that we came across. luckily, a lot of houses were open with no agent inside to quiz us as to why we were so interested. we just adore looking at brand new houses. so we make our way into the "only if we ever won the lottery could we ever afford something so grand" type of houses and were floored. within minutes of scattering like roaches while trying to scope out room to room, i swear i got lost. perhaps on the brink of panic as i screamed for stacy while trying to find her location. we found each other after many shouts and turns and then decided to stick together during the remainder of our tour.

oh to be a fly on the wall. ya'll would have laughed at us because we were constantly laughing at ourselves. once we entered into the kitchen that was the size of a football field, we spotted something in the architect design of the cabinets. i said, "oh my gosh, i looooove that!! what is this called?" stacy, shaking her head up and down while cascading her fingers across it, then replies with "nice." we then bust into laughter. we were blown away. we then proceeded to call our hubbies and dangle the idea of how we need to live in ross bridge so that they can play golf every day of the week while we walk to the spa and little shops. jay actually humored us a little and said, "sure, we'll buy two," whereas mitchelle laughed and quickly said "hang it up." (sigh) but a girl can dream, no? i mean in theory it sounds perfect, right?

we were on cloud nine...then reality set it. we slowly brought ourselves back to the ground over dinner at our local sushi bar as we thought of all the things that would suck if we ever lived in something so grandiose. like could you imagine cleaning that? blech. no thank you. i can barely keep up with just the laundry room nowadays. also, if one of our kids fell and got hurt in a house that big and screamed for dear life...would we hear them? or is it like "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" seriously. it was actually a scary thought. oh, and could you imagine the cost of utilities during the hot summer/cold winter months, yet alone the mortgage in itself? must be outrageous. and in all honesty, what the hell do people do with a house that big? half of the rooms must just sit there to "look" pretty. pretentious shmucks. so even if we actually ever did win the lottery and could afford to pay with cash upfront, i'd rather just have two normal sized houses (our current house and our own lakehouse). and the dream continues...