Monday, August 17, 2009

a quick update

today i took both girls to their pediatrician for their check ups (the mabster's 3 year and lyla's one year). i was nervous knowing i had to take both of them at the same time thinking that they were both going to receive shots. i knew lyla had a guarantee of three (bless her heart), but i couldn't recall if the mabster was up to date with all of her vaccines. luckily, the only one she lacked was her second half of a flu vaccine which she received nasally. whew. no shot needed so i was relieved.

once we get there, the doctor arrives within minutes. (the place was dead thanks to school starting for the majority of the kids.) so he comes in and checks the mabster's height, weight, hearing, vision, and blood pressure. all was well. the mabster weighs 31 pounds and is 37 and a quarter inches tall. this puts her in the 50th percentile for both. i have no complaints.

now it's on to lyla's turn. he checks all the above as he did with the mabster minus her blood pressure. all is well. our sweet cupcake weighs 22 pounds 5 oz and is 30 and half inches long. this places her in the 75th percentile in both. i was impressed because she went from being in the 90th percentile to 75th which means she is growing a bit closer to the average. however again, i had no complaints. she got her shots, cried, and i swiftly swept her up into my arms. of course, the mabster had to be right there in the middle of it all as she "shhhhh'd" her baby sister into feeling better.

we signed out, the nurse gave the girls a sucker, and we were sent home. naps followed simultaneously (my favorite), and we called it a day. later, we ate chicken and dumplins for dinner since it's our favorite comfort food, and now i am going to bed thankful that i have two healthy kiddos fast asleep. nighty-night, friends!