Thursday, August 6, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) our neighbor's teenage son came knocking on our door a couple of weeks ago. said he knew we already have a lawn service, but was willing to cut our grass for dirt cheap. jay jumped on it, cancelled said lawn service, and now we are saving a shit ton of money. i love that kid.

2.) the mabster and toshy are in a ridiculously cute hugging phase right now. little toshy will wrap her arms around the mabster's neck while the mabster squeezes her tightly and giggles. i don't think they can possibly get any cuter at this point.

3.) saturday night, jay and i are meeting up with the schweikhers and the jenkins for a fun hawt date night at the comedy club. jim breuer is doing stand-up and is supposedly a riot. yippee!

4.) we skipped our normal yoga and margaritas routine this week and opted to take the kids for free bowling instead. i think gangly gary might have missed us. i, however, definitely did not miss his spandex. blech. a man should not be that skinny. next week, i will throw him a sandwich.

5.) lyla is cutting 3 teeth right now. they are her top two front teeth and a top left incisor. thankfully, it hasn't changed her temperment much although she is a drooling machine. my baby now has a total of 5 teeth!

6.) i love having a calendar. if i did not, i would aimlessly walk around in circles feeling like there was something i was suppose to do. and "to do" lists? oh, i'm on top of those.

7.) can you smell it?? yup. football (or shall i say "tailgate") season is right around the corner. in less than one month, we will be hanging out with all our college friends on a regular basis at legion field while the rugrats take over the corn hole games. can't fakkin' wait!!!

8.) the mabster has been saying some funny stuff here lately. like, "lyla is my friend. mommy is my friend. and lyla is mommy's friend too." well. now that that's understood, i'm glad we're all friends.

9.) i am fat and happy. it's a given fact. but lately, i've been trying to not eat as much, but instead just fill up my belly with incredible amounts of water. the downfall? i am pissing like a racehorse every five seconds. kegel and i have become great friends.

10.) my little lyla turns ONE next week!!! i can't get over the fact that she is not a baby anymore. it blows my mind. in my eyes, she will always be the baby.

11.) tomorrow night is bunco at christi's house. if i win (again), i will do a backflip. possibly. maybe. never mind.

12.) i love coming home to a clean house and almost forgetting how clean you left it. too bad it never stays that way for long, thanks to the toddler tornado.

and lastly,

13.) the mabster is my early riser. toshy, not so much. toshy will oversleep till 10am if we let her. unfortunately, the mabster won't let her. instead, when the mabster wakes up at 7am sharp, she plays and then heads to toshy's room where she climbs into her crib, snuggles up beside her and holds her while she sleeps. i watch this every morning on our video monitor. they lay there for a good 30 minutes. if ever there was a time i could freeze...that would be it.


Heather S. said...

LOVE #13!!! That is soooo incredibly sweet.