Thursday, August 13, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i love watching the mabster and daddy play "hide and go seek." it doesn't matter what she is preoccupied with, if daddy starts counting, she automatically drops everything and runs to hide.

2.) with that said, the mabster's personal preference for the best hiding spot is under the kitchen table. pretty good spot if a.) she didn't decide to hide there every.single.time., and b.) she didn't uncontrollably giggle loudly while she's hiding.

3.) i almost forgot how much world market is my favorite store of all time. hands down.

4.) our john carroll high school reunion is fast approaching and will be upon us next weekend. i have been asked to send in some of my pics for the slideshow. of course i will omit any non flattering ones of myself and friends, but nonetheless, i'm quite excited.

5.) jay has been slacking on jiu jitsu this week, but making up for it with tennis. i actually prefer him playing tennis because he gets home at an earlier time. what is up with this man and all of his hobbies? i am sure golf will make it's entrance before long as well since "all business deals are made on the golf course." who came up with that line anyway?

6.) today, karmie, karla, and i (along with the kids) are having a sisterly outing for the day and venturing off to the georgia aquarium bright and early this morning. we are really excited about this. i loves me some contained fishies and whale sharks.

7.) "i'm bringin' shag back. those other rugs don't know how to act..."

8.) our whole house (minus lyla) came down with something earlier this week. both jay and the mabster had a fever virus, and i came down with a headache, sore throat, and body aches. we were definitely a "moping around feeling sorry for ourselves" bunch, but now illness has vanished. thank you sweet baby jesus. just in time for a fun weekend ahead!

9.) today is lyla's FIRST birthday. i can't believe it. my baby is no longer a baby. she's one. that's crazy. we turned around her carseat last night and now she gets to enjoy watching dvds alongside her big sister. she loves it.

10.) jay started singing loudly the other day while downloading some songs. the mabster's reaction? she quickly covered her ears while screaming, "stop daddy, you're hurting my ears!!" my reaction? hysterically laughing while wishing my video camera was nearby.

11.) jay and i have started teaming up together in making the perfect meal for dinner. the other day, i made chicken tetrazzini while he made a side of squash casserole. it was all very delicious, but now i fear that it's going to become a competition on who's is the best. damn, topper. hehe.

12.) we bought the mabster some lego blocks the other day, and oddly enough, i find it quite comical when she gets frustrated when they all fall down. she curls her toes inwards and pouts for a minute. i think it's super cute.

and lastly,

13.) don't let toshy fool you. her first word may have been "dada," but now it's nothing but "mama, mama." i love it. i've worked hard for that to be her new favorite word. :)