Thursday, August 20, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) lyla turns one, and the switch is flipped. she is going through a fierce episode of separation anxiety from yours truly and while at first i thought it was super sweet, now it is wearing me down. this too shall pass.

2.) so i'm trying to come up with new and fun ideas/events to put on the calendar for our moms group for this upcoming month. can i just say that i am SO beyond ready for the fall to get here. there is so much fun shiznit to do that it makes me ridiculously impatient to want to do it RIGHT.NOW.

3.) my bladder no longer loves me. i feel like i'm walking around on egg shells with him just waiting for any minute for him to explode. what have i done to cause him to be so damn pissy with me? it couldn't possibly be the 300+ ounces of fluid i've been intaking, perhaps? i have almost contemplated inserting a foley. almost.

4.) uab's first kickoff is in T minus 16 days...holy moses, i'm about to piss myself. again. LOL

5.) i can't comprehend how insanely happy and hyper the mabster is when she first wakes up. she comes prancing into our bedroom, screaming, "get up, mommy, get up!" i don't budge. then she heads to daddy, and he says, "just two more minutes so i can close my eyes." augh. it's funny, but it's really not. who needs an alarm clock when bright-eyed bushy-tailed is 2 inches away from your face to greet you in the early morning? at least baby sister lays there for a good 30 minutes and stares at the ceiling before making a sound. take notes, mabster...take notes.

6.) this weekend is going to be interesting. yup, it's our 10 year high school reunion time, and i'm actually pretty excited about it. friday night is the "meet and greet" at the wine loft, and then saturday is the actual throw down, errr reunion, at park lane. aww, skeet skeet.

7.) i'm hosting a playdate at our house next week and forgot to set a limit on the rsvp...have i lost my ever living mind!? maybe i should give it a theme...tequila and tots. :)

8.) i love, love, LOVE how i can tell the mabster what to say over the phone and she recites it like an echo. for example, hubster called home yesterday after playing tennis later than the usual. i quickly handed the phone to her and told her to say, "how come you aren't home already? it's almost dark. don't you know your food is cold. oh well, i ate it." all while i smile beside her with delight.

9.) furthermore, hubster actually finds it cute when the mabster tells him like it is via mommy's command...maybe i can use this method to my advantage. "mommy left for a massage. she had a bad day and said she deserved it." like putty in my hands...

10.) i can't believe lake season is almost over with. sniff-sniff.

11.) lyla is growing up faster than i ever imagined. she no longer cares to "parallel play" beside her big sister. instead, they interact with each other and it amuses me. sometimes they fuss over the same toy, and other times, they just sit there laughing at each other. i love watching my girls grow up right before my eyes.

12.) today, i am taking the girls out for free bowling, and then we are meeting up with daddy at lunch for chappy's. maple turkey croissant, here i come!

and lastly,

13.) for the most part, the mabster's age right now has been pretty entertaining. she's just so damn spunky with an attitude all her own. her eyes get real big as she explains things to me, and then she gets so "matter of fact" with me. for instance, the other day, she did something and i said, "oh my." she then proceeds to tell me, "momma, don't say 'oh my' or all your friends are going to laugh at you." what? where is she learning this? oh my.


Anonymous said...

if you are seriously drinking 300+ ounces a day that's 10 liters and you should watch for water intox and/or hyponatremia.

Kim said...

spoken by a future np. thanks for that, but yeah, i was completely exaggerating. :)