Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster is addicted to watching "the little mermaid" right now. and by addicted, i mean strung-out and hooked. she has to watch it while in the car. and if either jay or i have our computers out, she makes us youtube a video clip of ariel singing. she sings with her. she knows the words. it's pretty darn cute.

2.) this week was the final weigh-in for our family's biggest loser competition. if you couldn't tell by the pics, it's an obvious answer as to who won. (drum roll please) and the winner is...KARMIE!! no one could catch her or even came close. i believe she lost 53 pounds in 12 weeks. holyshat. CONGRATS, KARMIE!! now go use your cash winnings and take yourself to a buffet. you deserve it! :)

3.) the mabster has an imaginary friend. her name is "rayla" and she likes to discipline her. it's hilarious to listen to her tell me that she had to "spank rayla's bum-bum and put her in time-out because she wouldn't share." well then.

4.) our local wal-mart is in the process of remodeling. everything. all the aisles are all messed up. what once was the clothing section is now where the pharmacy sits. it's crazy. just when i mastered where everything is located, they pull this one over my eyes. damn you, wally world.

5.) dear limber lucy, i thoroughly enjoyed your yoga class on tuesday although i have one small complaint. your swift movements into each pose make me feel inadequate. slow it down. i'm a visual learner and didn't see that middle step that turned you into a pretzel. let's work on that, eh? yours truly, ~K

6.) whenever lola comes over to watch the girls for us, they all enjoy pulling out my scrapbooks and looking through them. lola told us that the mabster will point to a picture of daddy and i and say, "look, they're kissing because they love each other." lola just laughs and thinks it's the cutest thing ever.

7.) this weekend is going to be slammed packed busy. friday night is a birthday pool party followed by saturday morning with another pool birthday party. and then immediately after, we will be making our way to the lake. i think i should just sleep in my bathing suit. can't wait!

8.) the other day, i had the golden opportunity of climbing up to the very top of chick-fil-a's playground tunnels only to rescue the mabster who cried hysterically in a corner because she was scared. stacy laughed at me the whole time. meanwhile, i laughed in between bouts of cursing under my breath. oy vey!

9.) the other night while we all sat on the sofa, someone let out the hugest nastiest rumbling fart ever. i quickly said, "who did that!?" and the mabster replies with a smile and says, "me." then, daddy laughs as they high five each other. okay. this is SO not right. in this case, do NOT take one for the team. i'm just sayin'

10.) every night this week after the girls go to bed, jay and i have been staying up later than the usual just so we can watch mama mia in the privacy of our own bed. it reminds us so much of the first time we saw that musical while in vegas. definitely our favorite to date. i lubs it.

11.) lyla is pointing at everything now as she says, "that." it's super cute. oh, and since we've been listening to a lot of music lately, she will stand there singing her heart out in the cutest little babble ever. i have even caught it on video tape. must upload soon.

12.) i really enjoy hosting playdates at our house, but in all honesty, i really don't understand why i bother cleaning. i mean, why put all the toys up when all the kids are just gonna take them all out all over again? ahh, good times.

and lastly,

13.) the mabster has been pulling the flowers out of our decorative pot, making a bouquet out of them, and then proceeds to hold them close to her chest. she then looks at us and says, "i'm getting married." whooooa now. hold up, sister. not for another 20 years should that thought ever cross your mind. we're saving for your education before your wedding. eek.


Anonymous said...

kim, we just went through this new wally world update at our 280 store....i cant even shop i'm so darn confused! nothing is where it use to be!! i could just scream!!!

also, i took ericka to the movies to see mamma mia...we LOVED it!! good stuff!


Heather S. said...

53 POUNDS!!!!!!! Damn Karmie, that is awesome! CONGRATS!

Kim said...

amy ~ i am trying to avoid wally world at all costs now. it drives me insane. lol. and i'm SO glad you and ericka love mamma mia too! i bought the soundtrack a couple of years back, but don't know where i put it. maybe that's a good thing...not sure if i'm ready to listen to it non stop with the mabster...

heather ~ you are right, it is awesome! i am SO envious!!