Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


toshy detests getting her diaper changed. really, though, i don’t know many one-year-olds who do like to lie calmly on a changing table while a large adult cuffs their ankles to lift with one hand while efficiently swiping their bum-bum with cold clammy wipes with the other.

and the kid poops a lot, i kid you not. i could feed her nothing but dry crackers and bananas for days at a time, and she would still manage to squeeze out a huge poop. she gets it honest though. just ask her daddy. also, i do understand that what goes in must come out, and often not looking much different from how it went in in the first place. odd, no?

but back to the changing table drama. so i lie her down. she rolls over. i flip her back over and start to take off the diaper. she then proceeds to buck her body all while landing her foot right in the slime. then she kicks me in the face, all the while howling like it’s her that’s suffering. it takes me five minutes of wrestling just to get her clean - forget actually getting another diaper on. i have resorted to literally crawling behind her on the floor, stretching the velcro tabs around her belly while trying to hold the front in place with the other hand. good lord. i think wrestling an alligator could possibly be easier. cooperate little lady. is that too much to ask?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

frat beach bash: last and final night

i've decided that our last night deserved a special blog post all it's own. so here it is. the guys went deep sea fishing earlier that day. for dinner, the "sunset" side cooked their catches, and both sides had a fish fry for the night where everyone shared. the food was scrumptiously delicious. we ate crab cakes, boiled shrimp, fish, fried crab claws, dirty rice, and french fries. my favorite was the crab cakes. they were money.also, we took a picture of the responsible civilized group (minus a few others) that we roomed with during our stay. the two sides of the house were like night and day. seriously. in our house, we partied with our kids and played battleship during most of the night. we consisted of doctors (luckily, one was a pediatrician), nurses, pharmaceutical rep, teacher, an almost lawyer, computer programmer, banker, and an engineer. i'd like to think that we are all settled and on the right path.

with that said, the other side? that's where the dirty rockstars resided. we heard about so much drama that happened within those walls and were floored. some stories were hilarious while others were mouth dropping bad. ay yi yi! also, one of jay's pledge brothers who we haven't seen in years came over to visit for a few hours that night. bowdoin brought his wife and kids, and we all reminisced about our past experiences during college. here is a picture of them while we enjoyed our laid back time that night, "sunset" side was going buck wild. there is a door between the two parts of the house that allow us to run back and forth inside. we'd here yells of singing, go over to check it out, maybe take a couple of shots with everyone, and then run back over to our mildly tame den. it was great. we got to enjoy both sides of what was going on.lastly, jay set up his tripod and camera outside so that we could get a huge group picture. we told everyone to head out to the balcony and stairs so that we could get the whole "animal house" look of it all. i mean after all, this was the first annual frat beach bash and it was EPIC. the guys even want to make t-shirts of the event. love it. all around, the vacation was nothing short of stellar. quality family time by day, and rowdy adult time at night. can't get much better than that!

frat beach bash: last and final day

so everyone has been raving about how great the "tacky jack's" restaurant is. said they had the biggest and best pancakes and breakfast food ever. they were right. we got there and ordered the mabster a pancake. it was bigger than the plate and twice the size of her head. once the waitress brought out her food, this is what she did. yup. started nibbling around the sides. we were impressed with her "go to" attitude. yummo.after breakfast, we enjoyed our last day at the beach splashing in the ocean. the girls enjoyed laying out, and toshy played with her tita karmie while in the sand. also, the mabster was obsessed with finding what she called "the butterfly seashells."uncle tony and daddy taught the mabster how to boogie-board on top of the waves. she loved every minute of it and kept wanting more. they even attempted to teach toshy. kidding. totally kidding. but cute pic, right? jay also let the mabster sit on top of the board while he ran around pulling her. here are some pics.also, bates buried the mabster in the sand. she thought it was hilarious, and admittedly, i love the picture of her little head poking out. i love that damn kid. later, it was bates' turn. silly monkeys.

Friday, September 25, 2009

frat beach bash: day 5

all of the gang is here already. both sides of "sunrise" and "sunset" are filled to the max. beds are all occupied as well as bedroom closets. no lie. so per the usual, we wake up and hit the beach. sunshine was valuable during the remaining last jay and tre are boogie-boarding in the waves, and needless to say, jay gets stung by a jellyfish. tony offered to pee on him, but jay declined. boo. i was actually excited about taking that pic. hehe. then later, jay started digging a manhole in hopes of trapping stinky in in. in theory, it was pretty clever. he wanted to align it with beer and put a sign that said "free beer," but before he could even cover it, the mabster jumped in. she thought it was her own special underground fort. oh well. at least someone got some fun use out of it.later, we all showered and got ready for dinner out a Lulu's. the last time i was there for our girl's trip, i knew i wanted to go back especially with kids in tow. the place is so incredibly perfect for them. while we waited (which surprisingly wasn't long at all), we ordered some frozen cocktails and let the kiddos play in the huge sand mountain. i believe the mabster has now developed a small crush for haswell. by the end of the night, she was calling him "boyfriend." too cute. also, check out tony photobombing our girls pic. the man is fakkin hilarious. all he needed that night was a gold chain around his neck. loved the hostess seats us right beside the live band, and it was awesome. the kiddos were going nutso. dancing in their high chairs and just having a grand ole time. it was the first time ever that i believe we could have sat there for 3 hours with the kids without worrying about ways to entertain them while they ate. later, the daddies all got out on the dance floor to dance with their little girls. next thing we know, the mabster is dancing with a group of old women just a twirling around and "shaking her bum-bum." get home. we bust out the bath and bedtime fast. they were exhausted after the fun dinner. needless to say, asleep kids = "i love the night life. i love to boogie." so we are at the pool. drew pops open an expensive bottle of the finest champagne and pours us all a drink. i'd have to say, that this was definitely our drunken debauchery night. i really wish i had more pictures so that i can remember all the fun shiznit that went down. for example, bo-bo jumped off the balcony and into the pool. peer pressure is a bitch. also, everyone was scheming and trying to knock everyone else into the pool. no one was safe. and that my friend is why i stayed in the pool all night.lastly, some of the highlights of the night include, but are not limited to: jay pushing (beyond drunk) tre into the pool. and yes, his rum and coke included. not good, but hilarious. i can still visualize it, and it makes me laugh so hard. it looked like tre was walking on water. i think we should give him the nickname of jesus christ. again, it was hysterical. then, tony and haswell sneaked up behind karmie while she was still sitting in her chair, picked her up (yes, said chair and pretty dress included) and dumped her into the pool as well. did i mention no one was safe? then the guys frantically searched for stinky. once he was found, into the pool he went too. we stayed out there until the wee hours of the morning, and some ended out on the beach. also, as haswell was walking back from the beach (inebriated of course), he walked straight into the pool. now that some good stuff. what's even funnier was when the housekeeper/mail order bride came to chlorinate the pool the next morning, she asked how long the pool looked like beer. classic. day 5 was a pleasant little surprise.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

frat beach bash: day 4

it was another beautiful day at the beach on thursday. the mabster and daddy built a sandcastle only for the mabster to pull a belly buster and crash it down. but hey, at least she didn't pee on it like she did with bates' creation. hehe. all the girls pulled their beach chairs down to the cusp of the waves on the shore while the hubbies played with the kids. gotta love compromise on vacation, eh? the last pic is of toshy with uncle stinky. seems like the kids called everyone "uncle" throughout the whole trip. pretty darn cute. because of uncle stinky, toshy nows has a required taste for the high life. beer that is.we go inside where uncle tony and drew are peeling shrimp in preparation for dinner which consisted of shrimp grits and crab dip. again, the meal was fan-freakin-tastic. we must vacation at all times with the ceasar family. seriously. they know how to prepare the best grub around. cousin carson was giving his girlfriend, claire, kissing through the glass door, and it was so sweet. also after dinner, we gave toshy and claire a bath together. there was too much cuteness in one tub that's for sure. once the kids were asleep, we all drank some bellinis and played poker.
once the mabster finally passed out after trying so hard to hang with the big kids, we all went outside to the pool. as the nights progressed throughout the week, it just got rowdier and rowdier. we listened to a 90s radio station and it was hilarious. the guys threw some chairs in the pool for the ultimate relaxation. we all stayed out there for hours with no one leaving the pool to pee. one word: ewww. i am trying to remember how this night ended, but it's still foggy. i believe the rowdy bunch of non-marital status people went to flora-bama this night. the next morning, we received an earful of the shenanigans that took place in the white trashed bar. unfortunately, i fear of writing it here because i don't want my kids to ever read about it in the future. and that's all i have to say about that. ha!