Thursday, September 10, 2009

back to school!

the mabster had her first day back to school today. i've been preparing her for the past couple of weeks by telling her that she will have new friends in her class and possibly a new teacher. i was worried for her because i know she is a creature of habit. luckily though, she has the same teacher (mrs. lisa) and a couple of the same classmates. so i walk with her into her classroom where mrs. lisa is there to greet us. i could tell that helped ease her nerves. the mabster put up her backpack, gave me a kiss goodbye, and then ran to the puzzles. she LOVES puzzles right now. overall, there were no tears as i drove off and left her for the least from the mabster. i'm so glad she had an awesome first day back. school is cool.


Anonymous said...

An auntie jess outfit

- jess

Kim said...

:) she LOVES that outfit. thank you, thank you!!