Thursday, September 3, 2009

"brusha, brusha, brusha..."

today, the whole family went to the dentist. the reason being was for just a quick and easy cleaning/check up for both the mabster and daddy. their appointments were at the same time, and they sat right beside each other while all of their toofers were getting brushed.

this was the mabster's first experience ever at the dentist, and i've been curious and nervously excited all week to see how she was going to act. i know the kid loves to brush her teeth, but it's different when it's a complete stranger trying to pry a foreign object in your mouth. seriously though, the kid brushes her teeth like 10 times a day. so the dental hygienist gets started as baby sister and i are sitting beside her and encouraging her on. the mabster got to pick out her own flavored toothpaste (grape because as of the moment, she loves the color purple), and then she laid back in the chair.suddenly, the overhead bright light was turned on and shined over her face. this part made her a bit uneasy. (i'll admit, i hate that damn light too. it's hard not to occasionally glance at it and then go blind.) luckily though, the lady had some groovy sunglasses for the mabster to wear, and she was set. let the brushing begin...outcome? the mabster did great. she sat there quietly and still just a holding her sunglasses to her face. so the hygienist notices the mabster's little mermaid bandaid (thanks to tita karmie) and comes back with a goody bag of surprises. yup, her very own purple and pink little mermaid toothbrush and sparkly bubble gum flavored toothpaste. the kid seriously screamed out, "yay!" baby sister even got her own toothbrush too. here's a picture of the girls celebrating new they played with their surprises of windmills and miniature puzzles while waiting on the dentist. dr. underwood sits down and checks the mabster's teeth for any cavities and to make sure all of her primary teeth are in. he said everything looks great, and that they will do x-rays at age 4. overall, it was a great visit. i think the mabster did better than daddy. hehe. oh, and once we got home, of course the first thing the mabster wanted to do was brush her teeth with her new toothbrush. hip, hip, hooray!


Anonymous said...

way to go abby! keep those pearly whites sparkling!


Kim said...

she said thank you, amy! and vows to keep trying to sneak and eat toothpaste...err, i mean, keep brushing them. :)